Random Realizations….

Realization #536:
Brides Maid dresses are designed to be ugly in order to keep the Groom an honest man.

Realization #49:
People still have a difficult time discerning when I am being serious and when I am not. Hint: if I am talking, you have a 90% chance I am NOT serious. The other 10% of the time should be painfully obvious.

Realization #914:
The more I have going on in my life, the less compelled to write in LJ I become.

Realization #4,523:
Orange Juice and tooth paste don’t mix.

Realization #4,524:
Orange Gatorade and vodka don’t mix.

3 thoughts on “Random Realizations….

    1. I might argue that. I remember it being VERY vile, but in your defence it was also my freshman year, so what the hell did I know 🙂

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