Quick update on the work front…

So it would seem that I was not the only one running into issues with the user documentation. My new boss (Traci) is also shaking her head trying to help out Jay and get the help files and user guide content created and reviewed. It appears she has run into the same headaches that I have.

Two days ago, I was informed by Traci that my assistance would indeed be required to create content for the User Guide. (I had previously laid out my concerns and road blocks I had run into.) As yet, I have still not received any indication of WHAT I need to be writing. Nor have I received anything further to review.

Thankfully Traci understands that by this point, if I am to be doing ANY writing at this level, I will need to take time away from support to really focus and pump out some good content. Otherwise, writing anything while being interrupted every 3 minutes will mean that the user guide MAY be complete for a version 9 release, NOT a version 7 release (scheduled now for release next Tuesday I believe).

I do feel a bit vindicated by all this now. I am still irritated by it all, but I am glad that Traci had the same problems as I did. That alone shows the issue is not on my end and that I have done everything I could.

Sadly, the documentation is not going to be up to snuff for release on Tuesday. Which means my Knowledge Base is even more important now and I will need to duplicate efforts by creating articles in the KB which expound on UserGuide material, rather than covering issues which are outside the scope of the user guide. So ultimately, it is even more work on my plate and inefficiently duplicating (to a point) the work Jay is doing on the user guide.

So I guess the countdown starts now. One and a half days to make sure the User Guide and Help file documentation is complete and accurate. Ugh.

5 thoughts on “Quick update on the work front…

  1. “irritated,” “aggravated,” “vindicated,”

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – you’re too young to have so much angst. Get rid of the haircoat, kick back a drink, and smile every now and again, you high-maintenance whiner! 🙂

    1. Oh YEAH???

      Joe, you know that typically I would be rushing to agree with your insights here, however this specific issue effects my job. And when outside crap effects how I am able, or not able to do my job, I get VERY impatient.

      I work hard to excel at what I do. When someone else causes me to not be able to exceed expectations (to no fault of my own) I have a problem. This is not rocket science. There is absolutely no good reason why CUSTOMER FACING documentation should be handled so carelessly. This not only reflects on my work internally, but it also reflects on how our customer base perceives the company and support department specifically.

      But I guess the issue really moves past that. I have fought for a long time to shed the basic support stereo-type that I am a clueless pseudo-geek whose only answer is “reboot”. I am NOT that kind of support. I put a lot of hard work into actually SOLVING customer issues, and attempting to do so in a one-touch method. Piss poor documentation only serves to promote the steroe-type I have been fighting against since I started in technical support in 1996.

      It is indeed a touchy subject for me.

      To set your mind at ease, I do indeed smile every now and again, I often kick back a drink to enjoy life, and I rarely wear a haircoat. I AM angsty, but never without cause.


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