Quick Update….

Got Lenore back from the body shop last night. She was in for only one day to get her front end replaced. No paint, nothing else done. Just a swap of parts.

This is what she looked like yesterday morning:

And this is what she looks like after yesterday evening:

I got her inspected for insurance today, and she passed just like I knew she would. Next is to check with my local car audio shop to see if the can get an install done on her by Tuesday evening so we’ll have decent tunes on our trip out to Arizona. We’ll see how that goes…. we may just have to settle for iPod earbuds on the trip rather than any decent car audio.

Once we return, it will be time to look at getting her rust free and all painted up. Not so sure anymore about a full restoration, but repainted will definitely be happening.

7 thoughts on “Quick Update….

  1. Sweet ride mang. What about picking up an iTrip or other such device for the trip. Not an ideal solution but it’ll provide tunes during the trip.

    1. oh, I have one…. BUT it doesn’t seem to work with this particular stereo (stock) AND only 1 speaker works. Kind of. A full install would be best, then iPod with buds, and failing that, THEN the AM/FM scan for decent tunes through the single speaker 🙂

  2. The compact parking job was a nice touch! It looks great, I take it they just found another front clip and installed it where your old one was? The color difference actually looks kinda neat!

    1. Oddly enough, the car CAME with the replacement parts! Such a deal 😉
      So all I had the body shop do was a simple swap, which was cool cause they only had to charge me labor. No sense in painting to match until I get the whole thing done.

      As for the compact parking, I have no choice at work. ALL the spots are marked “Compact”! She actually fits side to side… it is the front to back that takes a bit of extra effort and planning to accomplish 🙂

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