Public Service Announcement

The following is a public service announcement provide to you by the letters: “J” and “S”

If you have not yet done so, now is a good time to archive your live journal postings. Unfortunately, as thejamez noticed, LiveJournal only seems to store a finite amount of posts based on their age. Regardless of any rumour or truth mongering going on, it is still a good idea to keep local copies of your posts.

You can do this in a number of ways:

1. Use a third party application to post to your LJ account. While at home, I use Xjournal . This allows me to save each entry as a local document. At work, however, I use the web-based update tool provided by LJ.

2. For those of us who haven’t been saving local copies form day one, or exclusively use the web updater, you can download ljArchive and archive all your previous posts in one fell swoop.

3. You can also create a PDF of all archived posts to date using

I personally do all three. When at home I save posts using Xjournal. At work, I just archived using both LJArchiver and LJArchiver gives me an entry-by entry browsable user interface and gives me a single non-modifiable PDF document which I also just printed out into hard copy.

Yes, I am an information pack-rat. But, now at least I can rest easy knowing some of my better posts will always be available to me in one format or another.

Thus endeth this random PSA.
Caveat Emptor. Not for internal use. Do not expose to direct light.

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    1. Come to find out my friend misread a date and was able to locate his previous posts after all. BUT, I still think it is a good idea to archive locally just in case.

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