Pimping the Shiznit

Friday. Los Angeles. The Key Club.
We had gone to see our friend James’ band open up for General Public. They were by far the best opener of the night (there were two others before General Public, one of which was the Skeletones).

Jame’s band is known as The World Wide Spies. They have been together a short 8 months and already have 3 or 4 major labels looking at them for potential deals. They even played KROQ’s Micro Brew festival the next day. They are getting huge exposure for an unsigned band and will truly make it big soon! Just a matter of time really.

So, the entire point of this LJ entry is to pimp the hell out of Jame’s band. Cause they are seriously one of the BEST up and comings and already far outshine 80% of the crap being played on the airwaves today.

Now, while I don’t speak for the band, their style strikes me as a nice mix of Peter Murphy/ Bauhaus, David Bowie (they even did a Fame tribute), and The Psychedelic Furs. Mind you, they pull off this sound without sounding one bit like a throw back band that is -trying- for the old-skool crowd. Their lyrics are timeless and their melodies/harmonies/and rhythms are lasting.

The World Wide Spies even have a 4 song CD-EP and DVD available!
For a total of $21.50 including shipping, this really can’t be beat!

Their next show is Mar 13 9:03pm at the Tongue and Groove in San Francisco.
2511 Van Ness Ave San Francisco, CA 94109

(theJamez, I’m looking in your direction here….)

ANYONE in the San Francisco area MUST see this band live in a small club setting before they can only play large arenas!

Are you getting the feeling that I like them? A LOT? Well, you’re right. And honestly, this is not just because I am friends with the lead vocalist (if that’s all it was, I wouldn’t be as over the top about this).

And I think that is all I am going to say for now. You will just have to take my word and check em out for yourselves…