Pimpin my friend’s label…

I know some of you have seen this already, but there are a number of friends who haven’t:

kissmyasterix‘s label released a 4 band multi-single concept this week. Check it out and support Indy music. Buy from their shop today! Thanks!!!

Only $10!!! Click link below to purchase!!


‘4×4′ is the first in a series of four-in-one multi-artist singles. Each volume holds four electronic bands and three to four tracks or remixes per artist. Volume One features Empire State Human from, Ireland, emerging artist Tristraum, England’s The Thought Criminals and Los Angeles’ Eloquent. You get four singles for the price of one.

01. Eloquent – Le Premier Pas
02. Eloquent – Carte Blanche
03. Eloquent – My Happiness
04. Eloquent – Paris in our Hearts (Extended Mix)
05. Eloquent – Principio de fin

06. Empire State Human – Easy Colour
07. Empire State Human – Sonic Prophet
08. Empire State Human – Chase the Ace
09. Empire State Human – Dollar in Blue Collar (2005 Single Mix)

10. The Thought Criminals – Date Rape Lovers
11. The Thought Criminals – Electricity
12. The Thought Criminals – Automann

13. Tristraum – First Embrace (Infinite Beat Remix)
14. Tristraum – I’m Under No One (Blind Faith & Envy Remix)
15. Tristraum – First Embrace (Empire State Human Remix)

4 thoughts on “Pimpin my friend’s label…

  1. I’ll have to look into this. I am not an Electronica or Techno fan per se … but I do believe in supporting struggling artists. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. And thanks for taking a look! I don’t expect anyone to buy music they don’t enjoy. If you enjoy Metal, you may like “Elektrokuted” better. It is a compilation of Electronic artists doing Metal covers. You really can’t beat it 🙂

    2. Well the music is more synthpop to industrial than Electronica. think depeche mode to NIN … we’re really not a techno/house type label. More along the lines of New Wave such as The Bravery, Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers, Interpol etc …

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