Part way there….

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Well, my first sitting is done. After only about 2 hours we found ourselves at a good stopping place and Wendy moved on to do some touch up work on Jean.

Initially I was expecting to have the Lindisfarne spiral done first, with the cat as a small add-on. However, when we arrived at HB Tattoo yesterday, Wendy indicated she needed more time to clean up the design, but that the cat was ready to go. So we started backwards 🙂 And BIGGER.

I had thought that the celtic cat would always be a smaller piece just due to the size of the image I found, and that it was a secondary addition to my original idea of the Lindisfarne spiral. I was ecstatic to find that Wendy had been able to not only clean it up immensely, but had enlarged it quite drastically too. Though she had taken a few liberties with the design when enlarging it, she was able to nail the look I wanted.

Here are two pictures of my leg project thus far. More to come after this heals and I can go back for the Lindisfarne spiral to be done….

Sitting 1

Sitting 1 part 2

Let me tell you how much the outlining down across my Achilles hurt. DAMN! But, as you can see, think the minor pain for 2 hours was well worth 70 years of enjoyment……

I can’t wait to heal and go back to complete my idea. More pics will be posted once I have them added to my web-site’s gallery, most likely sometime tomorrow.

15 Responses to “Part way there….”

  1. YE GODS!!!!!!

  2. What? Don’t you like it?

  3. Are you kidding? I think it is awesome!

    It is just so… so… so BIG! I didn’t realize it would be so big. I just can’t wait for you to pull down your pants to show me the whole thing so I can loudly pronounce how big it is.

  4. eh….I’ve seen bigger.

  5. Groovy

    It turned out great – can’t wait to see the rest of it when it’s done!

  6. Oh me too. But that’s one of the biggest I have seen on a typical white guy. 🙂

  7. Don’t kid yourself… it is only about 4 inches tall.

  8. But pretty darned wide…

  9. It’s all about the girth, baby 😉

  10. Well, if you were coming to our party on the 19th, you’d be able to watch me pull up my kilt to show you…. too bad you won’t be there 😛

  11. Oh darn. Poor me. I’ll just be spending St. Patty’s day stumbling around the streets of New Orleans. I bet there won’t be anybody wanting to drop their pants there. Poor, poor me.

  12. Bad to the Ass. I’m aching to get a tattoo. For years I’ve wanted a falling angel (a la Led Zeppelin) on my right arm. However, I don’t really want to do it on the spindly, flabby arms that were the products of my genetics and fast-food habits. I really need to start going to the gym so I can realize my dream.

  13. Well, when you decide to do it, I got the artist for ya 🙂 She rocks!

  14. Re: Groovy

    me neither! I’m hoping to get a second sitting soon. Pray for a quick healing time 🙂

  15. See… your problem is you are hung up on pants…. you’ll be missing the KILTS. And that, my friend, is entirely different and you know it. 😛

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