Pageant of the Masters and movin out of Cali.

Last night Jean and I made our way to the Laguna Festival of the Arts to have a picnic with my parents and then see the Pageant of the Masters as a way to celebrate Jean’s birthday. Thank gods I brought a bottle of wine, as the traffic getting into Laguna Beach was horrendous. It actually took us a full hour to make it from El Toro Road to the front gates of the Festival (17 miles door to door).

Dinner was quite nice. Mom had packed a Pasta Bravo meal which we ate at one of the picnic tables while listening to a good jazz trio. Thankfully, however, the trio stopped at 7.30pm which allowed Jean and I to talk with my parents about us moving to Oregon. They seemed to deal with it better than I had anticipated. Mom even said she couldn’t say much since she had done essentially the same thing when she was 28 and moving from Michigan to California. Dad had to leave the table for a while to try and sell some art to a “hot prospect”, so we didn’t get to talk with him much, though I know he is excited for us.

Edit: I just realized I have only really alluded to the possibility of us moving out of state and have not really posted directly on the topic as yet. Jean, however, has and I will point you to her post until such a time that I can gather my thoughts together with enough time to post my own:

It is odd, but talking to my parents about the move made it a bit more real for me, and at the same time settled me a bit as well. I found that I was confident and sure of our reasons for leaving and that we are not going about it with our eyes closed. There is a certain level of understanding about things which I can not achieve until I have to defend my views, one which allows me to shed the blinders and see the larger scheme. I am happy to say that I wasn’t beat up with holes in our reasoning or logic or overall plan, which makes me that much more confident that we are doing things right.

The Pageant was outstanding as usual. We are very lucky to have my dad as an exhibitor, otherwise there is no way we could have obtained tickets. It was a sold out night again, and rightly so. This was only our second year seeing the pageant, but I can see why so many people go back year after year, and why it has been a tradition in Laguna since 1932! Outstanding performances all around!

7 thoughts on “Pageant of the Masters and movin out of Cali.

  1. Yah, I loved the Pageant the one year I got to go; it’s just amazing the way they recreate those paintings with living people!

    Is the move immenant? ‘Cuz I’m hoping to bring my sweetie out to meet you before you go (not to mention getting a couple of visits in for myself).

    1. Well, if I had my way we’d be packed and going now… as it stands though, I think we have a good 6 months of work before we arrive in Portland.

  2. Holy Shiznit!

    That’s big news. Portland is indeed a wonderful city. A bit sleepy but really great. I’ve got some good friends who live up there and love it. Very green. Very tranquil. I think you’ll be psyched. It’s one of those pre-boom towns, so getting up there in the next few years will be smart.

    Congrats on even considering such a move. Big steps for sure.

    And lord knows..California is slowly but surely going insane.

    1. Re: Holy Shiznit!

      Thanks! And yeah, it is a very scary proposition, but one we both know we need to do. California is indeed going insane, and starting to make US insane as well… It is time to go and seek out that proverbial better life for ourselves.

      1. Re: Holy Shiznit!

        Portland has always been the back-pocket city if we were to ever need to move out of SF and stay on the West Coast. I like it up there and we’ve got some friends and family in and around the city. Though living near a live volcano would be a new brand of natural disaster, eh?

        So get to know the place if we ever follow your lead, kay? Ha!

        1. Re: Holy Shiznit!

          Wouldn’t you know it, St. Helens was the FIRST thing my mom-in-law brought up when we told them yesterday about the move… So, it may get cloudy for a while, and maybe a bit dusty too, but I don’t think Portland lives in fear of being the next Pompeii.

          You can bet your bottom dollar we’ll get to know the place… you can also rest assured in the fact that we will begin pressuring you, and every single one of our other friends to make the move 🙂

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