Ouch, it binds!

It would seem the purse strings are tightening at work.

I just found out that one of our two QA guys was asked to take a 6-8 week leave of absence until we are ready to ramp up for our version 7 release.

This, combined with yesterday’s news of the release of our web-designer/marketing guy/tech-writer, is not helping my confidence level with the company’s potential for longevity.

Granted, I am probably one of the 5 employees who will be here the longest, as they really can’t let me go. Support is a vital role for the business. And, like any business, it won’t close its doors without first selling off the product and client base. This means that even if things go horribly wrong, I am still good for a while. In fact, I might just be the one turning off the lights and locking the door if it comes to that.

And of course, there is the possibility that I would be retained by the purchasing company as the lead support rep.

That is not to say, however, that any of the above may come to pass or is a foregone conclusion, as it is now. Aside from the news of two employees leaving under different, yet similar circumstances, all of the above is pure speculation and self-assurance that it will be ok.

At the same time, this could actually still pose some good opportunities for me to move in a greater, more accelerated direction towards tech writing. We shall see.

Don’t expect updates on this any time soon, but don’t be surprised when you see an update either. Being in the software industry, you never really know.

Good times.