Oregon Whiskeys highlighted in Food & Wine Magazine

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I knew there was a reason I was drawn to the Pacific North West. In the latest issue of Food & Wine magazine, I ran across an article highlighting “America’s Best New Whiskeys” which, to my surprise, focused entirely on four Portland area distilleries. The full article can be found here: Food & Wine America’s Best New Whiskeys (and don’t forget to check out the side-bar for the contact info for the distilleries: Food & Wine Oregon’s Best Places to Buy Local Spirits )

Unfortunately, only two of the four are at a point where they are selling finished products. The other two are still (get it, STILL, ah, I kill me) working and waiting for their respective whiskies to be completed before putting them on the market. In either case I am dying to go visit the distilleries and hopefully get a taste of their various products. Rest assure when this happens there WILL be articles posted!

Since Clear Creek Distillery looks to be holding an Open House on Thanksgiving Weekend, I think this may be a good time and excuse to get John, Mary and Colleen (who will be visiting that weekend) into the city and enjoying something entirely new: Oregon peated whiskey!

So, it looks like I have some tasting work cut out for me in the months ahead. But I’ll jump on that grenade for you all and report back with my findings. I’m a giver like that.

4 thoughts on “Oregon Whiskeys highlighted in Food & Wine Magazine

  1. That would be a blast!! Now, you know I’ve never been much of a whiskey/whisky/scotch drinker, but after a taste of J&M’s Bowmore 30 last weekend I think I’ve discovered a previously untapped appreciation for the stuff.


    1. Well, you’re in luck, as Clear Creek Distiller does more than whiskies. Check out their site, there is something for everyone!

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