One down. One to go.

Well I went home for lunch today, and much to my pleasure I found my gorget had been delivered!

The box even looked as though it had been shipped from next door rather than across the country and back! Of course, the one day in the past 5 years that I have mild steel shipped to my house, it rains. So to keep the gorget in good condition, I hurried home to get it inside where it won’t rust as quickly.

Pictures should be soon to come, along with the long awaited process pictures of my completed buff coat. I may even take pictures of my helmet and rapier mask when it is done. I am so close to a complete kit I can almost taste it. It should all be done by next Tuesday so I can finally show up to practice. Oooooh… I can just feel the enthusiasm.

To try and make this post more interesting, I present you with the following political comic. I find this amusing in a Dan Quayle kind of way:

Yes Tom (and Terri), I know it pisses you off …

8 thoughts on “One down. One to go.

    1. Re: time for google…

      Hey! been a while since I’ve seen you around…. hope werk is letting you have SOME time for yourself.

      A gorget is a blanket word used in the SCA for neck protection in our armoured combat. Particularly, mine looks like this:

      It is a reproduction of a 17th century officer’s spanish collar gorget fitting for the English Civil War period, which just so happens to match the look and time of the Border Reiver persona I have been trying to develop for the past few years now.

      See, no google needed. 🙂

      1. Re: time for google…

        Ah, but I did beat you to the Google last night, and now you’ve sent me packing back to the search field to figure out what a Border Reiver is/was.

        You’ve got quite a lot going on, don’t you?

        Border raiding, indeed.

        I’m doing well, busy busy busy at work, but well. And the book is in its final stages too, though I can’t say for sure how long it’ll take to finish given my living schedule as of late. Which has been packed with visitors and such.

        But soon soon soon…

        1. Re: time for google…

          Border Reivers were a group of Scotts and Englishmen living on the border between the two countries. A notoriaoulsy ruthless group of miscreants, really. It is from them that we have the word: bereaved. They would engage in raids against other farms typically stealing cattle or other livestock, and leaving a trail of death in thier wake.

          My friend and I fell in love with the look and romantacism of such a ruthless group. Plus no one else was doing a border reiver persona, which makes us special 🙂

          I tend to always have a lot going on, of which I ignore and procrastinate about 90% of it. I just have too many hobbies and not enough money or time to do any of them the way I’d like to.

          Glad to hear you are doing well. I am beginning to miss your book updates and werk-place rantings. It is good to know that the lack of writing is due to visitors and such, and not entirely due to being beat like a dog at work.

          1. Re: time for google…

            Yeah, all that, and in general I’m just scattered. I just posted and it’s one of my whining about the state of the world posts. That stuff affects me more and more lately. My imagination runs away with my brain a lot, all too often envisioning civilization as a house of cards doomed to topple in my lifetime.

            Which I suppose the reivers knew all about.

            Hold on to that gorget, poet. It may come in handy in a few years.


        1. Re: time for google…

          Thanks. Since it will only be used for rapier and NOT heavies fighting, no one will be denting it. Raz will most likely get the first shots at scratching it however.

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