Ok, seriously?

From the CNN story seen here: http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/06/05/seattle.kiss.ap/index.html?eref=rss_topstories
and undoubtedly all over the blogosphere as well..

Two lesbians at a Mariners baseball game kiss, and are asked to stop by an usher responding to a complaint from a near-by woman. The reasoning? She’d have to explain why two women are kissing to her kids -if they asked-.

Oh gods COME ON! If the BEST reason you have for complaining is based on the fact that you don’t want to explain it to your kids… perhaps you shouldn’t have had kids in the first place. You DO realize that part of being a parent is actually TEACHING your children the skills they need, right? I mean, you didn’t REALLY think you were off the hook because they go to school, did you?

Yes, sometimes, as a parent, you have to do things you may not like. SOMETIMES that even may include actually talking to your kids about LIFE. You do realize that just because you don’t agree with a particular lifestyle doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, right? Gods forbid you see a goth kid walking down the street… how will you EVER explain that to your little darlings?

Seriously people. GROW UP. Accept responsibility for raising your children. Don’t expect an usher at a baseball game to be your ‘out’ from acting as a proper parent.

Perhaps our government is taking the wrong kids away from the wrong people. Let the polygamists have their children… take the kids away from the people who can’t be buggered to actually take part in raising their own!


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4 thoughts on “Ok, seriously?

  1. I dunno…

    Perhaps lezbo kissing should be kept in the bedroom. Preferably with web cams and hot oil, but to each his own on the details.
    Seriously though; I do agree with you. As a society we got to get over this crap. As long as they are not trying to kiss your under age kids, no one should really give a rat’s patooty. Speaking as an actual bonafide father; if your kids are old enough to understand then they won’t ask the question at all because they will have inevitably been told what is going on by their peers and if not, just tell them that the lesbians are very fond of each other and leave it at that. If you must derogate the act you could tell your kids that you do not approve of the behavior in public. I for one, don’t like to see anyone over doing acts of affection it in front of kids same sex or otherwise, but it’s not the sexual orientation that is the issue. He’ll that’s why I’ve taught my daughter to yell out “GET A ROOM!” at anyone sucking face in public. Now if I can just get her to yell out “READ A BOOK!” at stupid people. Then my job raising her would be complete.

    1. Re: I dunno…

      See, I have issue with the adult taking issue with two women kissing in public, but THAT has been blogged and fumed over by everyone already… THAT argument bores me 🙂

      What gets me is the pure laziness of a large group of parents today. (I think the only reason I like Casey is because she is the spawn of someone who actually takes an ACTIVE approach to parenting! Well, that and she’s just adorable.)
      This whole scenarios was such a beautifully missed opportunity to actually help educate the child, regardless of personal beliefs. Hell, I’d rather the parent push their own biases on the kid instead of taking the lazy way out. I have no doubt that this parent -could- explain things well enough. Figuring out -how- to explain isn’t the issue. And yes, I realize I am preaching to the choir a bit here, but the issue I have is the parent’s laziness, presuming that they weren’t just using their children as an excuse to cover for their own intolerance; which could throw me into a whole OTHER rant and tirade, but I’ll hold back for now.

      1. Re: I dunno…

        Found my way here following some bread crumbs. I’d heard the headline but not the details. I’d heard the reason was the, um, enthusiasm, of the kissing. That the parent didn’t want to explain it is, I agree, pure lazy parenting. It will be interesting to see what pressure might be brought to bear on the Mariners as Seattle is a fairly tolerant place. I do like it here!

        1. Re: I dunno…

          I was shocked to read -where- it happened. The PNW, of all places, is one of the most tolerant I have seen. For shame.

          And I agree as well, I believe that excessive displays of affection in public are inappropriate regardless of gender. What REALLY irks me is the parent’s laziness in addition to using their children as a poor excuse to change something they don’t agree with. Really, ANYONE should be adult enough to step up and own their issues and say “it offends me, please stop”, not “WONT YOU THINK OF THE CHILDREN!?!?!”. Ugh, it just gets me riled on all fronts.

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