Of vacations, and work, and jobs, oh my!

So, vacation is booked. We will be going to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for 5 days and 4 nights. Lodging provided by the Brentwood Bay Lodge and Spa. This is looking to be quite a fun trip replete with wine, beer, and mead tastings as well as some 5 star dining experiences (one conveniently located in the Brentwood Loge even!).

It turned out to be a tad more expensive than we had planned on, but we have a good 3 months to save for our time there, and the hotel plus flight are already paid for, so money shouldn’t even be an issue at this point.

So far we are planning one day for tastings, a trip to Butchart Gardens(at 55 acres we may need a whole day!), a NICE dinner at the lodge, and hopefully a museum visit at the least.

Work today has been oddly busy for a Friday, not to mention I have been working to book the trip and a rental car and taking care of other personal stuff on work time… And then I got a surprising call.

The Sales Director at my previous employer was calling, which is a very odd thing as I haven’t chatted with him since I left the company a year ago. He was calling to get a feel for my current happiness with work and if I’d be open to coming back. Apparently the support tech we hired to replace me has put in his ONE week notice, and they are scrambling to find someone to fill the gap. Obviously, I was very flattered to be the first person they called, especially when they told me I was the best support guy they had ever had. VERY validating. Not that I need validation like that, but it sure is nice every now and again.

Problem is, I am very happy where I am, especially in light of the upcoming changes in my role. I felt really bad telling him no. Especially knowing how much they will need help and someone who can hit the ground running. It is going to be tough finding a good support rep and train him/her in only one week. Seems like a pretty crappy thing for the current rep to leave with only 1 week’s notice. Hell, when I left I gave them something like 2 and a half to three weeks plus I was available on IM for the new guy to ask me questions. We had him hired in a week, which gave me another week to train him in person. Whoever replaces him now won’t have that luxury. I sure hope they find someone soon, because that company without a support tech means sales and services will be providing the support; and that is a scary proposition.

Anyone looking for a good solid tech support job, feel free to contact me through LiveJournal, or via email if I know you personally. I’d like to try and help them as much as I can.

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