Of motorcycle woes and other feelings of craziness.

I got my motorcycle back today during lunch. When I was in the shop chatting with the service techs, I was told that they could find absolutely nothing wrong with the bike. They had even gone as far as getting their Honda rep in on the action and went through the bike with him standing there and were still unable to find any cause for the odd electrical behaviour I have been experiencing.

It was told to me at this point that I should begin considering selling the bike to get rid of the problem. The good news is one of the service writers told me that when I sell the bike to let her know and she would get me “the hook up” on any bike in their show room. While I would hate to lose my beloved 5th generation viffer, I am starting to think seriously about selling her. I just can’t trust her on long rides. And that, my friends, sucks rocks.

I did see that they have a nice silver 6th gen viffer on the floor with a sticker price at $10,500… I wonder if the “hook up” can get that down to $5k even? Cause that would be about the only way I would go to a 6th gen with zero miles.

Sigh. For now, I will wait and see if I run into the problem again. It seems that my battery terminal bolts were loose when I dropped it off in the shop last time, which MAY have something to do with the draining battery, if even remotely. So we’ll see.

It is indeed a very sad possibility that I will be without a motorcycle very soon if things don’t change.

4 thoughts on “Of motorcycle woes and other feelings of craziness.

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your bike. I had a similar issue with a VW New Bug, and I ended up ending the lease and buying a new car. It totally sucks.

    1. Totally sucks. And I don’t even have any lemon law recourse as it was a used vehicle purchase. ugh. Oh well, at least I get to ride home tonight 🙂 mmmmm canyon carving…. yum!

  2. You very nearly were without a Jeep Grand Cherokee this evening when that silver Mazda 3 almost clocked you on Portola! 😉

    They had Ontario plates… bloody foreigners. Heheh.

    1. I’d have been so lucky. I need to get rid of it soon.

      Funny that you saw that. Happens ALL the time at that corner. You’d think I’d be used to it by now. Hope you had a good laugh at it 🙂

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