Of friends, food, particle board and the colour purple…

The weekend was interesting. Saturday John and Mary came down in the afternoon to drink and decompress form the week previous. John and I ended up working on my entertainment unit and re-wired my sound system so the receiver is actually IN the unit rather than sitting on an end table in the middle of the front room. That project alone took until just before dinner.

Just after 6pm Tom and Terri showed up and we all sat down to ribs, fried chicken, biscuits, and (of course) gravy. Comfort food all around. Fat and happy, we adjourned to the living room for a bit. A while later we found ourselves in the Jacuzzi enjoying life.

I realized later that its nice to have friends that you don’t have to do anything with. Friends who will come over and just sit around drinking and laughing and call that a great night. No need for external entertainment. We are all we need. I like that. In my eyes that is the true sign of friendship; when you don’t need other things to do to keep all parties interested.

Sunday Jean was out with Meg and Vicky to shop for dresses for the wedding. Jean found two dresses she likes and has seemingly decided on one of them. Now it is just a matter of ordering them. When the three girls returned from shopping, Meg took some pictures of the house to begin logistics and decorative planning for the reception. She is confident we can comfortable seat 50 people. I have my doubts. But we’re gonna do it some how.

When Meg finished up and left, Jean and I decided to head over to Ikea to do some more shopping. All told, we came home with 4 shelves, 1 bookcase, and 1 coffee table. And that was restraining ourselves from getting office furniture, lighting, and poster frames. (Which will all need to wait until we are done painting.)

Well, a day of shopping at Ikea wouldn’t be the same unless you came home and built something. So, in good form, we put it all together, but not before making a stop by Rite-Aid to get me a wrist brace.

As a funny aside at this point, we were driving to Rite-Aid talking about all the people we do and don’t run into within our small town. How we always end up running into Tom and Terri all over the place, but never see Meg and Craig around town. We guessed that it must be due to our different schedules and what not. No sooner do we finish that conversation and park, who do we see? Antony and Lisa, new friends of ours we met through meg and Craig. I had a good laugh over that.

But enough of that, back to the in-sequential weekend recap: Seems I torked my right wrist at some point on Saturday without knowing it and woke up Sunday to quite a bit of discomfort. So we picked up some of the icy-hot sticky type heat strips and a brace which did wonders immediately after putting them on.

Thank gods too. Because I wouldn’t have been able to help Jean at all if I hadn’t been wearing that brace. We worked on building the coffee table and book case, then decided we had enough of that and sat down for dinner. The shelves for the main wall in the house will wait for another day. But we felt productive enough for the day, and that is always a good feeling.

The book case works perfectly in the bed room on the wall opposite the bed, and the coffee table really does complete the living room. (We moved the glass top table back into the room off the kitchen.) So now y’all have a place to put your drinks and rest your feet when you come over!

Monday rolled around and allowed me to sleep in until 5.30am. A good hour more than I am used to getting. This is because with my previous boss now gone, I need to cover a little more in the afternoon, so we shifted my hours for now. I’m actually playing it by ear and adjusting on a daily basis, but so far starting at 7am seems to be working well for coverage. I can guarantee, however, that once we hire the new person, I will be moving back to the 6am slot. I like it better. There is far less traffic and I get home earlier. If I am going to shift later, it is going to be back to an 8am slot so Jean and I can start car-pooling again. Otherwise, later is just not worth it.

This week at work is interesting since we are all trying to get a feel and settle into our new responsibilities. Oh, who am I kidding, we are still trying to figure out what all those responsibilities ARE! At least I am getting paid a little more.

In random, makes Jason a happy boy, entertainment news: the two DVDs I ordered off Amazon should be here today. I am getting the release of Prince’s “Graffiti Bridge” and “The Hits Collection” on DVD finally. Yes, I KNOW that absolutely no one liked Graffiti Bridge. I don’t care. I love it. I even love it more than Purple Rain, which in my book wasn’t that great at all. I can’t wait to watch the movie and videos with my sound system now. I have only had a 10 year old vhs tape made from an HBO run of the movie to hold me over, and needless to say, the sound ain’t that good. If this movie is about anything, it is about the sound.

So yeah, I’m gettin me some Prince! Wh00t Wh00t.