Now the fun part.. Real Life

Unfortunately after our great weekend, we came home to find our cat Molly needs some attention. While she didn’t pee outside of her box when we were gone, she did when we got back. Jean finally caught her doing it so we know it was her last Thursday and Friday nights.

Well last night and this morning, Jean saw some blood in her urine, so I get to take her into the vet in about an hour. Hopefully it is only a UTI and can be treated quickly and inexpensively. Having to deal with Chutzpah a few months back and having to put her down due to some sever issues, I’m just not ready to handle anything above and beyond a typical, treatable infection. ESPECIALLY with Molly. Now if our older, fatter cat Morrigan was sick, I could almost understand it and rationalize it a bit better. So I am hoping that Molly’s issue is only minor.

Beyond taking care of our kitty, we still need to stock up on things for our party on Saturday. I have a feeling a trip to CostCo is in our near future. I should have the keg sometime after Tuesday and I pick up the tap system on Saturday morning. I am so excited to throw this party, but oddly, at the same time, I am exceptionally anxious and stressed about it. Aside from our housewarming, I have never thrown a true party like this. Even Meg and Craig’s wedding reception doesn’t count since we only hosted it and it had been planned out by everyone else. This one is all on me. Fun. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Now the fun part.. Real Life

  1. Party party party

    My scheduling conflict got resolved, so I will definately be at the Kilt Fest! Too bad I can’t drink, or I think I might have a shamrock painted on my head by the end of the party…

    1. Re: Party party party

      LOL – that would be SWEET!

      We’ll have plenty of non-alcoholic stuff to imbibe as well. And it’s much more fun watching all of the drunks stumble about, anyway 🙂

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