Now I’m really annoyed with the weather.

Thanks to 100 degree (plus) weather, combined with the need to wear my wool suit twice in the past month, my newest tattoo work has become infected. For the first few days it seemed to be healing perfectly; enough to where I scheduled another appointment for the 28th to continue the work. Unfortunately, when the heat, and more specifically the humidity set in, things started to go down hill. Add on top of that, the fact that I donned my wool suit for an outdoor wedding and again for a nice dinner at the Hobbit, and you have one very sweaty leg acting as a Petri dish for bacteria.

Fortunately there are only a few small spots and only one area about the size of a quarter causing some concern, so it isn’t my entire leg. Of course this meant that my appointment on the 28th wouldn’t work, though Wendi had already rescheduled anyways. Now I am hoping I will be healed by the 14th for my next sitting, otherwise I will have to push that one back as well.

I have been treating it with anti-biotic ointments now, which will hopefully do the trick, and fast. (I have noticed the one major area decreasing in size little by little.) I have also been wearing shorts every day at the office, which has its own issues there; I am allowed to, but I seem to draw unwanted attention, as I almost always wear long pants at work and have no desire to show off my tattoos while at work. While it is healing, I have also not bee riding my motorcycle to work since my gear and riding position would not be conducive to proper healing.

All this makes Jason an unhappy person. I just want it to heal like all my other tattoos have healed and allow me to get on my bike again. Plus, I really want to get this piece FINISHED, as the only thing worse than an infected tattoo is an unfinished tattoo.