Not a jacker in sight…

In the immortal words of Ice Cube:
“It was a good day”

Got the gazebo up today in about 2.5 hours. Now we have privacy around the jacuzzi. I did notice one of our neighbors watching me from her kitchen window. I am sure she was thinking to herself: “Great, we have THOSE kinds of neighbors.” Implying, of course, that the only reason -anyone- would put any kind of enclosure around their jacuzzi is to make porn videos. Granted, it WILL make sex in the jacuzzi easier. But seriously, that is not the reason we wanted one. We simply like our privacy, and with the way our fences come up to half height, we needed something.

I actually had the frame up and pretty much done by the time Jean got home, so she only had to help me with hanging the side walls. Once up, I gave it a test run because I was beat. I love having my own jacuzzi (now with super added privacy!).

To top it off, we even got our car tax refund checks in the mail today. We can chalk that up to another $500 in the bank! Wh00t! That’ll just about cover the cost of the hutch we just bought.

Also had lunch with Raz today at El Torito Grill. That was a nice diversion from the hell that was work. Hanging with Raz is always fun, even if it isn’t a good idea sometimes. 🙂

To make things even better, it sounds as thought John and Mary are getting really close to finding a new house to rent! Which is way cool, because the instability of being uprooted by the landlord’s whim just sucks. They really need a place they can stay for a good long time.

Even Colleen had good news! She was offered a position with the company she had temped for a few weeks back. From what I can gather it was a very nice offer too. I can’t even imagine what a relief that is for her. Especially after our little escapade on Saturday that cost her more than it should have. Bah. She deserved it! And she deserves this job too! Starts May 1, but even that ain’t too bad considering. Two good temp jobs and time in between is all but covered.

All said, things seem to be coming together quite nicely. Soon we will have furniture and can actually start entertaining!!!! I soooooooooooooooooooo can’t wait to start really showing off our house. We finally have something nice to be proud of. It is SUCH a weird feeling. (Honestly, it is so weird I catch myself wondering if I am going over-board in telling people all about it. I kinda feel like I’m rubbing it in people’s faces, even though that is furthest from my intent. I am just so excited that I can be proud of something, it may well stem into an excessive “look how cool I am!” attitude. I truly hope I am not going down that path. I only want my friends to be happy for us, not jealous or envious, or sad about their own places. We just lucked into this really.)

We seem to be settling in nicely here. The house is slowly becoming a nice comfortable fit as we slowly make it ours. Sometime in the next few weeks it is going to come together like cornstarch in a stew. About 3 rooms worth of furniture will be delivered, possibly within the course of 3 days. Once that is done, the art will go up and hopefully the rest of the boxes will be out of the garage. So close, yet so far. (And it is amazing to think of how much money we have spent, yet have very little to show for it right now. Of course, when the furniture is delivered, it will be like getting a ton of stuff for free!!)

Still so much to do though. Bah. It was still a good day!

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  1. You are not going over-board or rubbing anything in anyone’s face! Giving your friends the opportunity to share in your excitement is truly a wonderful gift. Your happiness about the house and everything that goes with it is completely contageous. I can’t imagine anyone being envious or jealous…but rather thrilled to pieces for you.

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