Never Sever the Umbilical Cat 5 that is Plugged into my Cortex.

Its just bad news when I don’t have a network connection. Period.

Today, especially so. I got to work at 5.30 am. No connection. Nothing. This means no e-mail, which consists of approximately 75% of my work load. Today, there were no voicemails either.

So I do what I can to find the issue. No can do. Our internal network is up, but I can’t access the production servers offsite to actually do any work. Nor can I access any e-mails since our Exchange server is hosted off-site also. My hands are tied.

To top it off: I can’t even waste time surfing the net. I am completely cut off. Severed, if you will. My umbilical was cut. I was going through withdrawls. I couldn’t even TALK to anyone, since at 5.30 am, I am alone in the office, and anyone worth calling on the phone is still rightfully asleep.

This lasted until 10.45 am today. At which point everything came back up (to the surprise of AT&T (our ISP)). This means that Jason now has a days worth of work to complete in approximately 3 hours time (since I had yet to leave for lunch).

Ugh. Amazingly, I was able to get everything dealt with in record time, though I worked through my lunch hour to do so. I now have one hour left in the day, and it has been dead quiet. Thank gods! I would never have been able to catch up if the e-mails kept coming in or the phone kept ringing.

So now, I get to retire to my humble dwelling and re-commence “Operation Pack Two Boxes Per Day”. I really wish this was all over and I could simply commence “Operation Unpack and Throw Away”. That seems like it will be much more fulfilling.

Double Ugh.