My stress level is mimicking Kenny G’s hairline… it is receding… quickly.

Of course unlike Kenny G’s hairline, my stress will be returning on Monday I am sure.
After 7 days of uber-stress, I am finally getting a break, small as it is. Over the course of the week, I have been ultimately stressed abut getting the house in order for the Agent Preview, and subsequent open houses. Anyone who has sold a house understands how stressful this alone can be.

On top of that we moved the cats to J&M’s so they will be out of the way during walk-throughs and open-houses. This way no one, including us, will need to worry about letting the cats out, or their litter box odors. And when I say we moved, I mean Jean moved, which brings me to my next stress: work.

On Wednesday morning, I was saddled with two more cases which seemed to be related to/ caused by another case I have been working for 3 months now. Well, everything came to a head, and I ended up on conference calls which lasted upwards of 4 hours at a time from Wednesday at 10am, until today at 11:30am. Wednesday, I didn’t get home until 8:45 pm, which made my day a good 14 hours long… And thanks to my headset, my right ear has a pain that just won’t go away. (As an aside, I am VERY happy I was able to get my wireless headset as it allowed me so much more mobility during the call. I was able to go chat with developers in split seconds, reducing the delay of information back to the customer, but more importantly I was able to take bio-breaks throughout the day without interrupting the calls.)

Of course, the call on Wednesday that originated at 3pm had me stressed the most, since I was set to meet our realtor at 5.30pm at our house. By 5.15pm I had reached my peak and resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to meet my obligation. Luckily Jean was able to take over beautifully and take care of everything that needed to get done that night.

Suffice to say, things haven’t let up until today at noon. This has been my first chance to catch up on the more important aspects of work:
Catching up on LJ Friend’s posts
Catching up on MySpace drivel
Reading personal emails and replying when warranted
Catching up on all my message boards
Chatting on IM when prompted
Sleeping at my desk (as taught by Zach Helm)
Staring off in to space (as explain in the hit movie, Office Space
Load up GoogleEarth and start dreaming…

Sadly, that has been my life this week. My brain is mush, as Jean will attest to, along with anyone else who has been in my physical space this past week. The good news is John got his BMW R1150RT, so we are finally going for a ride tomorrow. That should help greatly.

I am sure there is more to say, but my brain is done. I’ll have to let Jean fill in all the blanks. Kinda like Memento…. hmmm, I need a new tattoo…

[edit] Our 2:30pm “meeting” has commenced…. HOOORAY BEER! The perfect way to end an imperfect week.
(yes, we are drinking Heineken. Deal with it)

9 thoughts on “My stress level is mimicking Kenny G’s hairline… it is receding… quickly.

    1. I am frightened to ask what advice that may be…. Either way, I too am sick and tired of these motherfucken Snakes on the motherfucken plane.

      1. Hee hee…I just thought it was funny that Ant made himself your ‘life partner’. He did it to me too and referenced my braces LOL. Nothing like hearing Mr. Jackson say “Lisa, stop picking food out of your braces and go see my movie”

      1. Re: To quote Dennis Hopper…


        yer gonna drink either “Iron City” – Pittsburgh’s very own beer made from the water that once caught fire, or “Lone Star”, made from Rio Grande water downstream of all them cattle pens… and you vill like it, ja?

        ever notice how many of the truly ick beer has a name that can be belched? Buuuud. Pabbbbst. Coooooors. I think a cheapo-pee-water-lager-oid with a name like Earp pale would sell very very big…

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