My contribution…

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… to the holiday cheer in my office. Note the wall is covered with white-board material:

Yep, that’s my slightly retarded attempt at copying the late, great, Charles Schultz. Apologies all around for this, but it was a request from some of the other support engineers, so I obliged since it was within my understanding of holiday spirit.

8 Responses to “My contribution…”

  1. awww

    That’s so CUTE!!!

  2. Re: awww

    well, ya know it was the least I could do…. really, i fI could have done less I would have. bah humbug 😉

  3. You are so funny 🙂

    Man, I totally want to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas now.

  4. Looks like someone missed their calling with dry sharpies 😉

  5. you think? Hmm maybe I’ll go into business and start doing white board “cover” art projects for profit…

    or maybe not… Don’t mock me I know I suck! 😛

  6. I’m not the one doing the ‘mocking’ LOL (and I don’t think it sucks at all)

  7. I like it =)

  8. you flatter. 🙂

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