Moving time revisited

Ok. Here’s the longer version of the move now that I have some time and presence of mind to write it out:

Friday night we began taking over the computers, art, scotch, and other small breakable items which I didn’t want the movers having to worry about. Man, we busted ass on that! Colleen came over to help, and between the three of us, we had pretty much everything over in 2 trips of two cars. Once the last load was unpacked, we sat around in our camp chairs and chatted and ogled the new dwelling.

Not long after, John and Mary swung by on their way home to see the place. More chatting and ogling took place which had left me beaming with pride and dare I say “glowing”.

Good times.

At about 11:30pm- Midnight Friday night, I kick everyone out so Jean and I can go to bed in the old place and get rested before the movers show in the morning. Wow, was that every a crappy night’s sleep!

At 6am both Jean and I are out of bed and continuing work on packing the final few boxes of stuff we couldn’t pack up previously, and taping off boxes which were left open because they still had room in them. Jean took the cats over to the new place and locked the up in the bathroom so we wouldn’t have to worry about them when the movers showed up. (This becomes important later). She also took two loads of stuff in the truck to the new place, mainly of things we had forgotten or simply not noticed.

The movers showed at about 8:45am, which was right in line with the 8:30am-9am time slot I had been given. We got three guys to do the move, which turns out was the right choice. While I am signing off on the paper work to begin the job, the “foreman” of the crew is going over it with me. At one point he is indicating where to initial and sign, and tells me: “Last one, just put it in the pink”. I seriously took a step back, looked at him, paused, and then said: “That’s the first time I have ever had a GUY tell me that”. Then I smiled. He looked at me, dropped his head, laughed and said that he deserved that for leaving it wide open. We laughed, and that is how the day began. An odd step, but one on the right foot. Turns out, we got “Heckle and Jeckle” on the move crew, so the insults continued to fly all day, amongst other random chatter and jabs.

They so rocked! Hardest working movers I have ever seen. Only took 3 smoke breaks the entire day (that I saw) and rarely rested. It was constant work, other than the lunch break I gave them, pizza and soda included.

While the movers completed the upstairs, Jean and I did some minor cleaning and organizing of the last two boxes of cleaning supplies to go. At this point it is about noon. Which is when I hear an unknown voice “knocking” to come in.

I don’t want to say this is where it went downhill, but it did for a while.

The voice belonged to a carpet installer. It seems he is “early”. Scheduled for 1pm, he showed up at noon. Luckily we were out of the upstairs for the most part, so he could begin work. I guess the buyer had wanted new carpet -immediately-.

So we rush to get the last bit out of the upstairs. At this point, I am kind of annoyed but things are still moving along so I let it slide. And the installers begin ripping out the carpet.

30 minutes later, the Cox Cable guy shows up looking for the buyer. She’s not around, so I tell him as much. He seems put out, but says he’ll wait. Cool. What do I care. Its not MY time you’re wasting.

At 12:45pm, my movers are finishing packing the truck and we are discussing how to get to the new place, as well as what they want on their pizzas. As I am talking in the middle of our community court yard, I see the buyer pull up. And now I am thinking: “Crap. Just what I need”.

(As an aside to this story, the buyer is the Ice Queen Bitch from Hell. She has NO personality and refuses to crack a smile (probably for fear of breaking her face). She had set a time for me to be home so her carpet guys could come to measure the place, but never showed up. We rescheduled, and when she and her carpet guy actually showed, it was half an hour late with NO apology. Not even any indication that she knew she was late or knew she never showed up previously. Whore.)

So, back to the story…
As she walks up, I give Jean the heads up, say:”Hi, and Bye” to the Ice Queen whore, and drive off with the movers in-tow. I felt terrible for leaving Jean and Colleen to finish off the place, especially since they would have to deal with the buyer. But I had to get to the new place to direct the movers, and Jean and I had already agreed that she’d stay behind to clean a little and take out the last two boxes of cleaning supplies.

Fast forward to Jean and Colleen arriving at the new place. Remember how I said my movers left at 12:45pm? Well it seems her moving van showed up at 12:47pm!!!! Yes, you read that correctly. A whole 2 minutes after my movers left.

Mind you, I knew she was moving in the same day, and when asked when we would be out, I indicated sometime between noon and 1pm. So what does the bitch whore Ice Queen do? She schedules everything for 1pm!

On top of that, the carpet installers are still working as I am leaving, he movers show up just after I had left, and she had furniture deliveries show up around 12:50-1pm too! Ok. Seriously. If I told you I would be out between noon and 1pm, would you start scheduling things for 2pm at the earliest? KNOWING that moves -always take longer than expected. I’m truly not sure what she was thinking, since she could begin moving into the upstairs (which is about 60% of the total living space in that place) since the carpet wasn’t laid yet.

At this point, you may note that it is a GOOD THING that Jean had taken the cats to the new place before, rather than after the movers were done. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened had the cats still been in the bathroom at the old place when -everyone- showed up. It was already mass chaos. Throw four cats in the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Deep breath now. The worst part of the move is over. Flash back to the new place where I am guiding my movers as to where all the crap we have goes. I’m basically pointing and giving them the basic idea of what goes where. Jean and Colleen show up, give me the run down of what I missed at the old place, and we un-pack their cars. Colleen had brought wine-coolers, water, soda, and beer along with miscellaneous munchies. So we crack open the cooler, break out the camp chairs, and sit in the garage directing the movers while sucking down beers and wine coolers. Can you think of a better way to move?!?!

Things were easy from here on out. Most of the boxes simply were moved from the truck to the garage which made the movers happy and cut down on the time it took to move in (which is a very good thing, since we were already over the estimated amount of time/cost). We ended up spending about $300 over what we had estimated, but even when I was handing over the cash, I KNEW it was so worth the expense.

Once the movers were paid off and left, we unpacked the “must have asap” essentials and then Jean, Colleen, and I sat down, took a deep long breath, and finally began to relax. I was about to fall asleep on the couch when Colleen and I argued over whether or not she was going to leave. I told her no, but for some reason she thought she was in the way. Poppycock! I was just tired. Which is fine because not a second after I told her to sit and stay, did the window rattle letting us know that Meg, Craig, and the 5 rug rats were here!

So we got to show off the place to them, which was amazing to me since they all seemed to fit! We finally have a house where more than two/three people can be comfortable!

Another hour or two later, we decide that it is time to break in the Jacuzzi. Which involved me arguing with Colleen once again to kick her in the but and make her get in the spa with us. (Don’t ask, she just had a hang-up which she needed to simply get over.)

Wow. How totally nice is it to sit in your own Jacuzzi after a long day of moving!?! As we soaked, John and Mary stopped by again to give us our first housewarming gift. Two bottles of Firestone wine! One was the Firestone Reserve Merlot, which is simply to die for. The second bottle was one of the two Firestone Ambassador bottles they bought on their last trip up to the winery. I can’t wait to cork that bottle in a year or two! For now, they are both sitting in my temperature controlled cellar just waiting….

Sunday was spent dawdling around kinda sorta unpacking, but mainly just shifting things about to be unpacked later. My parents came by to see the place, and I think I impressed them with this purchase. That made me feel good. Kinda like a feeling that I have indeed become successful (under my definition at least).

Monday was more resting and shopping With one big exception: we drove to Corona to pick up our escrow profits check. Once we had that check in the bank, we immediately started spending it. On stuff that we need mind you. It wasn’t just willy-nilly shopping spree time. It was carefully planned out and budgeted. So we got 6 new dining room chairs, and a sofa/love seat set, amongst other small things.

Tuesday Jean went back to work while I took the day off to do a ton of little things around the house. I put up new screen doors on our glass sliders, hung window treatments, put the office desk together, put the bed together, got the entertainment center together and all the electronics wired up, and probably a few other things I have since forgotten about. I busted my ass working, but it paid off since a lot of the major stuff is done.

Since then we have been doing small stuff around the house. Jean has finished unpacking the kitchen, and we even have a little room to spare. We ordered a “John Boos” Butcher Block kitchen island (the Calais model) which will go -perfectly- with the style of our kitchen. Can’t wait for that to be delivered in 2-4 weeks. (Oh, delivery of the sofa and love seat will be in 4-6 weeks, so plan on a party at that point. We want all our furniture to be in by the time we throw a house warming.)

Next on the list to do is fold clothes and find places for them, as well as organize the garage and unpack more boxes so I can actually fit my workbench and a car in it. Not to mention actually USING the workbench so I can refinish some furniture.

Tonight, however, we are going up to the Key Club in L.A. to see our friend James’ band, The World Wide Spies, open up for General Public. Should be a hoot.

The rest of the weekend will be more shopping, more unpacking, and more showing off of the house.

Sunday, we will be down in Dana Point at the Festival of the Whales art show to support my dad as he displays and hopefully sells some of his watercolour pieces. Meeting up with Jean’s parents while we are down there, gonna grab lunch, then back to our place to show off again 🙂

Too much fun. And the place is starting to feel like ours.