More tattoo pics

I just posted the rest of the pics taken Thursday night during my session and Jean’s touch up work to my website. The direct link is:

Our Tattoo Album on

Good times.

Jean seems to be healing very well and quite rapidly. Mine is taking a bit longer for the pain to dull and die, which is to be expected due to the depth and amount of black work done. I’d love to be able to schedule my next sitting soon, but I’m not sure how quickly I will be healed and able to have the next piece added.

4 thoughts on “More tattoo pics

    1. Thanks!!! I’m fairly enthralled with her back piece as well… I think we may end up trading at some point: She wants my cat now and I may put her goddess triskel on my right calf.

      We’ll see. 🙂

    1. Re: Beauteous!

      Well… we had used Brian from HB Tattoo before on the recommendation of . Unfortunately, Brian is now in Hawaii. Now, I know HB Tattoo is a reputable place and so I dropped by to take a look at some portfolios and found Wendy’s there. I loved her work and her personality, so I booked a time to talk with her. The rest is now indelibly etched into my body 🙂

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