mmmm Sangiovese…… yum

Going wine tasting in Temecula today with Colleen. She has never been tasting before, so Jean and I get to edumacate her on the basic points. We will have to leave the finer points to others until we learn those too 🙂

We have found about 6 wineries which we want to visit. Last time we went down we also went to six, and this time we want to go to some that we have not yet been to. It should be a butt-load of all kinds of fun.

We’re planning a picnic for lunch, then some hard-core tastings for the rest of the day. Hopefully we can bring back a few cases for the cellar, which is looking fairly grim and depleted these days. And a case of two buck Chuck just ain’t gonna cut it this time around.

If I remember to bring the camera, I may even post pics of the trip later.