Mid day count…. V7 release, day 1

I am finally “caught up” with all the work. My e-mail and voicemail queues are clean, and the phone ain’t ringing right now.

Totals thus far today are:

1 teleconference
3 in-person meetings
20 voicemails
45 Phone calls
130 e-mails sent (1 email ever 3.33 minutes since I have been at work)

I have been “re-acting” all day. No time to do any pro-active work to address what I am reacting to. Fun.

Good news is the release thus far seems to be a success! We have sold more today (at current estimate, 2 time more) than any other single day in the history of the company. So things are looking bright.

Relatively speaking, the number of issues I am dealing with are proportionally minimal to the number of sales we have made. Though it seems like a lot of work to me right now, in the larger scheme the product seems to be a relative success.

And I am drained. Happy, but drained.