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You are like rain–creative, unique, and an enigma.
You have many, many moods, now, don’t you? You
aren’t quite moody or temperamental, but you
are a very unique person indeed. You can be
playful and quite cheerful, loving people and
wishing to have fun with them, or you can be
sad and distant, off isolated in your mind,
wallowing in depression. Or you can simply be
calm and able to put others in a relaxed mood
too. However, you are very loyal to those you
hold dearbut can make for a bitter enemy. Most
people will love you for your undying fidelity
and find you an incredible person to know, but
there are those who will hate you for reasons
you can’t even understand…What people think
of you can influence your mood greatly and you
can be positive when placed in a good situation
but negative in a bad one. Try to remember that
life is not perfect and neither are people.
Despite what an amazing person you are, not
everyone will like you. I don’t need to
reassure you to always be yourself because you
can be counted upon to do so no matter what.

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