Mel Gibson eat your heart out…

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Ya know… the conspiracy theorist in me is LOVING it right now.

_IF_ “The Terrorists”tm are indeed real, and not a figment of our government’s attempt to control the masses, then wouldn’t right now be a prime time to attack the Port of Los Angeles, New York and Chicago?

Seems like if we can’t even mobilize in a timely manner to clean up after a hurricane, how could we even fathom to deal with 3 attacks on major ports while also dealing with a natural disaster. Right now would be the perfect time to really destroy us.

But so far… Nothing. And that silence seems to lend credibility to the fact that our government perpetuated the 9/11 disaster in a very controlled method to ensure disruption, but not complete nationwide devastation and financial collapse. One may speculate that another attack right now would ruin the country completely… and the government just can’t have that.

We need to be controlled, not ruined…. Now, where did I put that tin foil hat?

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  1. LOL Actually, we’re ripe for an invasion from China; they’ll come in under the guise of “helping out” and the next thing you know, it’s Red City 😉

  2. Here’s an article that talks about China invading; you’ll love it 🙂

  3. love it!

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