Lists lists lists… so many lists.

Well, it appears we are now on a more accelerated schedule. After researching the housing market in more detail, Jean and I decided that if we are going to make the most of our equity, then we need to make a move soon. So I emailed Eddie (our realtor) and will be scheduling a time to sit down and chat with him about our time frame, marketing, etc.

Once we put the house on the market, we will be in super cleanup/ sell what we can/ dump what we can’t/ move the rest mode. This means lots of lists are being made to prepare, ‘cause there is a TON of work to be done if we are going to do this. First off: Mass purging of un-needed junk and clutter. Some will go on ebay, other bits on email lists, and finally the dumpster or a garage sale depending on timing.

At this rate, we will be up there before winter hits.

You’ll also note that this entry is one of the very few I have actually locked to Friends’ Only. I am not quite ready to openly discuss this at work until the house is on the market and everyone here knows what is going on…

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      1. Hell yes bitches! This weekend looks to be rather open, I’ll email you about potential pickup times after I communicate with the parental units.

        1. LOL I’ve been called “bitch” before, but never in the plural. mornings/afternoons seem fairly open this weekend… late mornings look to be the best time.

        2. When using the plural (bitches), it should read, “HELLS yes bitches!”

          I’m just sayin.

          And BTW, THANK YOU! I didn’t know WTF we were going to do with that thing.

    1. Easy for you to say Mr. I-already-did-that-a-few-times-over-now… 😉 It is tougher when this is the FIRST move for us that will put more than 30 miles between us and our friends and family. We’re not old hat at it like you two.

      Hopefully you’ll be able to make the move too when the timing is right. If I have it my way, ALL our friends will be following up shortly 🙂

      1. Yes, pioneer the way for all your disaffected CA friends 🙂 It just figures that my boyfriend would like to live there eventually too!

        1. in a word, YES.

          Yes, we can… remember back when you guys lived here and Terri was flipping out about all the rain we got… like a month straight of clouds, rain, and no sunshine? Yeah, we LOVED that. You didn’t hear complaint one from us 🙂
          (don’t MAKE me go quote Terri’s journal to you 🙂 )

          Not to pick on you specifically, but I don’t understand why people don’t think we can handle 200+ days of rain. People DO handle it. in fact the entire populations of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia handle it year in and year out. We love the weather up there which is one of the reasons we chose the area.

          We didn’t choose Arizona, Nevada, Texas, or Massachusetts because of their climates. We don’t like the heat or the sun, and it snows heavily in Mass. so all those places were out. Florida is icky hot and humid… then there’s the mid-west (need I say more?)….

          Suffice to say the climate is one of the top selling points for us. So yes, we can handle it.

            1. Re: in a word, YES.

              See… I’d think Ant would have had enough of it all by now, having grown up in that weather.

          1. Re: in a word, YES.

            Actually, before we knew we’d be moving to the place we are now (a place that we dare not speak it’s name) Terri wanted to move to the Pacific Northwest (actually mentioning the Portland area specifically because she knows people there) but for some reason, I wasn’t keen on it. Trust me, if I knew then what I know now… this would not be where we’d like to be right now.

            You should also keep in mind you’re talking to two people who spent a few years in San Francisco. Also keep in mind her anger over the rain was due to the fact she would have to take people on tours of properties in it.

            But hey, if you don’t want to have some friends move by ya, I understand.

            1. Re: in a word, YES.

              Sorry to have come off as vitriolic as I did. You just found that one button that sent me off. It seems -everyone- has the same single concern about the weather, and nothing I say seems to make a difference. It is as if no one understands how people can actually enjoy that much rain.

              We’d love to have friends like you move up there as well. It would make leaving here that much easier. I just remembered Terri’s reaction, though admitedly I thought is was just the rain that was the problem. By all means, when you are able, make the move too! 🙂

            2. Re: in a word, YES.

              I understand that…

              when we were moving people kept mentioning politics. (although I wish I had been told about the sheer number of churches here)

            3. Re: in a word, YES.

              We opted to stay on the left coast because of politics. We want an area that is still socially liberal. I can deal with the number of churches, just so long as they stay away from my front door 🙂 (I actually LIKE church architecture, just not into the people that much).

            4. Re: in a word, YES.

              If only they used traditional church architecture.
              No, these are just churches, sometimes competing like Starbucks in CA, katty corner from each other on blocks. You really can’t drive 2/10th of a mile without coming across anther one. They do come to the front door, or they advertise on TV and in circulars left on our doorknobs. There is a stand in the airport that hands out literature (that passesngers ignore and leave on the counter).

              I would MUCH prefer to be somewhere more liberal. Yes, I hug trees…I am a treehugger. (but I still smell pretty)

            5. Re: in a word, YES.

              Trust me… I know the whole “Hot Button” situation. I mean, you know how many people brought up politics when we mentioned we’d be moving here?

      1. Admittedly, when I moved up to the Bay Area I hated it. My allergies went wild. It was dark and moldy all the time (not to mention cold)and most impoortantly I was in a bad relationship with no friends around. I got used to it, came to love the climate, bought some warmer cloths, got rid of the relationship and have said mamy many times that I would move back in a second if the cost of living was more managable.

        I really was interested in the area but was voted down by Tom when we were looking. Portland has most of what we want in an area. They’re even building an IKEA!!!

        In the end…we may even have friends around.

        Tom and I were planning on visiting the area soon so that we can make an informed choice.

        1. From all our research, Portland is THE best place for us to rent for 6 months and check out the surrounding areas to buy… the cost of living is much more managable than the bay area, so I say go for it! By the time you get there, we should be pretty well rooted so you’ll have some built in friends already!

          I didn’t know about the Ikea… that cinches the deal then 🙂

            1. HALLELUJAH! It is gonna be hard enough to leave In-n-Out… but I will never give up my Traders! (ok that’s really a lie, but it is still nice to know there is going to be some level of familiarity).

    1. Don’t be sad, be happy! We’ll still be on lj to read all about your drama 😉
      And it’s not like we really play in the SCA anymore… so really, for most of y’all it’ll be like we never left!

  1. Oh wow! That’s superexciting!

    (And I’m selfishly thrilled because this means I’ll likely get to meet you and Jean someday!)

    1. Ya know that actually thrills me too. I hadn’t realized that you visit Portland that often, only that you went to school there. You’ve been on my shortlist of people to meet if I am ever in New York (ok to be honest, you are the ONLY person I kind of know in New York…) so the possibility of our move making a meeting more possible is exciting!

      So be selfish! Hell, we are ultimately selfish by moving away from our families and friends in SoCal.

      1. i haven’t gone back for a couple of years, but nearly all of my NYC friends are from there, and we’re on the “2012 plan,” in which we’ll all return to the Pacific NW in the reverse order we left in. I was the first to come out east and therefore had the hardest duties as far as combatting loneliness, having nobody to stay with, being the youngest, etc. So they’ll all move out there slowly over the next six years and come 2012 I’ll move back and it’ll be the easiest move ever!

        In any case, I will most likely wind up back in that region to “settle,” and will definitely be visiting! Let’s EAT!

        1. totally. I would move to Siberia if it meant not having to move that damned tv again.

          Hey, you wanna buy a house? 😉

    1. 🙂 See.. big changes for both of us. We’re selling, you’re buying, we’re both moving… all amounts to a TON of stress!

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