Like rats off a sinking ship?

I was just informed that one of our two sales guys gave his notice yesterday. While he had intended for the notice to be two weeks, it seems that his wife’s business is so busy that he decided he needed to make his notice effective immediately.

He cited family reasons for leaving, from what I have heard. His wife owns her own business and is completely swamped. Add to the equation a mixture of three children and summertime vacation, and it seems you get an overworked/overstressed family life. Something had to give. Unfortunately it was work here.

In light of the rest of the week’s developments here, this is really not doing anything to solidify my confidence with the company’s longevity. We are now down to 9 people in the office, and 4 developers working in remote offices. Luckily a company meeting had already been planned for June 25th, so we will get a good idea then as to what is going on with our future here.

Hmm. The Europe idea is starting to creep back and sound like a good idea again….

6 thoughts on “Like rats off a sinking ship?

    1. Nor do I. Hopefully this won’t turn into something huge, but rather become an opportunity for me to dig in deeper with the company and make some headway in a career as a tech-writer.

      I’m here till the lights go out. And even then, as I noted in a previous post, I would probably be kept by any company that buys the product or buys us out. Remember, fucktard was here through 3 different companies. I am sure(if it comes to that) that I will still be ok.

      But this is all still speculation on my part.

  1. No freakin way….

    … are we letting you move to europe!
    we will, hide your passports, hide your keys, sabotage any tries to sell your house…etc.etc.etc
    Get the idea?
    Terri? Tom? ya with me here?

    1. Re: No freakin way….

      I just said it was starting to sound good again, not that we were seriously contemplating it like we were 6 months ago.


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