Lenore got her tags yesterday…

As the Subject line says, Lenore got her license plates yesterday. Other than a long wait at the DMV (even though I had an appointment), no problems were to be had.

So now, she really does have…. Room for one more….

All we need now is a new paint job, some extensive re-upholstery and a little frame and engine work, and she’ll be as good as new!

13 thoughts on “Lenore got her tags yesterday…

    1. heeee, thanks 😉 I’m just happy we could get it…. quite a few other iterations and different plates were all taken, luckily I have an s-m-r-t wife who figured this sequence out! And THANK gods the California DMV has the plate check online now so you can see if a plate has been taken without leaving the comforts of your own home!

        1. I wouldn’t go galavanting that information around, especially here… I may grow an ego and come to expect your sputtering at the drop of a dime. 😉

    1. 🙂 Yup, that’s where the idea first stemmed from… then I remembered about the Urban Legend… and well, you know how it goes from there!

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