Lacking motivation on one hand, with an abundance on the other.

All I want to do is get on my bike and ride, but alas, I am booked solid through the New Year. I just need one day to go ride as far as I can. And it would be even better if I had someone to ride with.
Sigh. Even with Christmas coming, I know these are two presents I won’t get any time soon.

To make it worse, I have absolutely NO motivation to work (though luckily things are starting to quiet down). I have been sitting here drooling over the ride reports on and longing for that perfect ride so often described in the pages of said web-site.

Maybe, just maybe, if I am released from this penitentiary called “work” at a somewhat decent time tomorrow, I can make a go of it for at least a half day’s trip. My luck however has historical precedence citing the likelihood of this happening as: slim to none.

I really SHOULD start planning simple day trips rather than brooding over not being able to go when the fancy strikes me. Of course, I still won’t have a ride buddy to take any serious trips with. Perhaps I should try finding one of those before trying to schedule any day trips in the future.