Just to try and stay awake.

I stole this from my wife siobhan_genie who yanked it from from A Snowball In Hell. She notes, this was apparently part of an interview with Juliette Lewis in The Guardian a couple of years ago.

Did you ever stab someone or cut them intentionally with a sharp object?
Not intentionally. I did stab myself by accident once…. Ok a few times…

Do you like asparagus?
Yes, but not as much as Jean loves it.

Do you have a middle name?
Sure do. Robert. No cool story here, my parents just like the sound of it.

Do cats frustrate you as pets, or do you admire their independence?
Yes, and yes. They frustrate me to no end when they act up, but I love ‘em dearly and am very happy we can leave them alone without incident for 5 days at a stretch.

Did you ever break someone’s nose?
No. But I did dislocate a friend’s shoulder once. And I got another person with a solid upper cut to the jaw that left him hurtin for quite sometime. But no noses.

Would you say you have won more fights than you’ve lost?
Well, how do you define “won”. I rarely lose, though I wouldn’t say I have won either. In physical altercations I tend to come out ahead. In SCA fighting, I lose many, many more than I ever could think of winning.

Was there a time when you were mystified by the workings of the penis?
Yes, I still am.

Do you look more like your mother or father?
My birth father, through and through. Disturbingly so. When I find the picture I’ll scan it in so you can all see what I mean. At the same time, I have never seen a picture of my birth mother, so it is –possible- I look even more like her, though I doubt it.

Did you ever date an older man or woman and what did they teach you?
Yes. In fact 90% of my previous girlfriends were all older than I. But it was Jean who taught me how to love.

What’s the first memory you have of the naked body?
I think I blocked it out. Must have been traumatizing 🙂

Did you go to sleep-away summer camp?
Same as Jean here, starting in 4th grade through my senior year of high school, then as a counselor for a few years after that.

Do you like roller coasters?
Sure do, but they are better when you can’t see where you are going.

What do you imagine happens to someone after the body dies?
Well, I know from watching CSI that they go to the coroner’s, get drained and cut up, and then either buried in dirt or burnt to a crisp. Beyond that, I haven’t a clue. It’s a mystery.

How do you explain Mozart writing symphonies at seven?
He was small, sat at a piano, and began playing and writing down what he played in musical score. I could explain in more detail, but it would get tediously long to read…

Did the female anatomy ever mystify and scare you?
Still does. But that is a good thing 🙂

Have you ever been caught in a natural disaster?
Nope. Hopefully never will

Did you ever own Birkenstocks?
Nope, but I hear they are the bomb.

What was your favourite expression growing up?

Did you ever fall in love with an animal in a way where you wished you could talk to each other like human friends?
I am with Jean on this one too I would never want my cats to be given the gift of speech, no matter how much I love them.

Do you have hope for humanity? And if not, how can you honestly keep on
going in the face of that hopelessness?

No. Hope for humanity is not what keeps me going, it is hope for myself and those I love. Humanity as a whole is doomed, but not for sometime yet.