Just picked up my new pair of glasses…

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So now Lisa can stop making fun of me about my old glasses and move on to poking fun at the new ones šŸ˜›

7 Responses to “Just picked up my new pair of glasses…”

  1. Snaaaaazzy!

    And please, don’t look so fuckin’ happy, k?

  2. You look all smrt and shit

  3. Oh, Wow! You look all prep. or perp. actually, you manage to evoke one of the American comedians on the British (original) version of the show “Whose line is it, anyway?”

  4. No more Mr. Peabody šŸ™ damn!

  5. So does this mean we can no longer continue to give J the finger from a discreet distance, safe in the knowledge that he was too far away to see it clearly? Damn. Oh well, I might do it anyway just to see what happens.

  6. Mary’s right, you DO look all smart n shit.

    Something’s not right here!

  7. Very dignified! *grin*

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