Just finished another project…

Now that my client (John Troeller, Tattoo Artist) has approved my work and the site is live, I can post about it here…


John’s two requirements for his site were simple: No-click image display, and no pop-up windows.
The former was fairly easy using image swap and mouse over commands, while the latter proved a bit more functionally difficult to implement due to the combination of flash and html. Luckily I found a way to do it and get the site done within a reasonable amount of time. Outside of those two requirements were the general guidelines for simplicity and a darker feel. John seems happy with what I was able to produce, though personally I preferred the site with gallery pop-up windows even if it broke his “simplicity” and “no pop-up” requirements.

With this, I now have two semi-professional websites under my belt and am working on a third which will hopefully be unveiled within the next two months. This last one is a labour of love though, and will not be putting any money in my pocket. The plus side is that it will hopefully help build a stronger community of whiskey/whisky aficionados which may lead to some exciting new ventures in the future. Sooner rather than later, I hope…

9 thoughts on “Just finished another project…

    1. damn… I built it in Flash and GoLive and tested solely on Firefox on my OS X box AND my XP box… what exactly doesn’t quite work for you?

      1. Here’s a quickie rundown:
        The link doesn’t work unless I take the www out.
        The cool image on the left side of the screen doesn’t show up in my FF browser. Clicking on the pics gives me nothing in either browser (no pop-up or new window with bigger pics).

        That’s all I’ve looked at but it could just be my WIndows box, which is sometimes a demon from hell.

        1. Hmmm… not sure about the www, works for me, must be a DNS issue, I’ll check on that.
          no clue as to why the SWF file isn’t playing for you in the left frame, could be due to an incompatible version of Flash/Shockwave.
          From the Homepage clicking the pics should do a simple html call to load a new page in the same frame. After that, just mousing over the thumbnails should swap the pics in the blank section above them.

          Really strange behaviour you’re seeing… I was hoping it would be something I could easily fix, but I think I’ll need to investigate further. Odd 🙂
          Thanks for letting me know what you;re seeing though. That kind of feedback helps A LOT!

      2. Oh, I just reloaded it in FF and now the bigger pics come up. Still have to remove the www though and still no cool pic of the back with the peacock feathers in IE. 🙂 Hope this is helpful.

        1. I wonder if it is a slow connection or version issue… I know my host is not the fastest around, and being in England, well distance CAN cause some degradation.

          And the player I use is Flash 8, so if you have an earlier or later version it may not work quite right… I need to see about compatability issues there.

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