Just finished and sent to my boss

So here it is…

Title: Technical Support Writer
EEO Census Code: 284
Standard Occupational Classification: 27-3042
Division/Organization Component: Global Technical Support
Location: Irvine
Exempt: Yes

Position Summary:

This position will provide an experienced dedicated technical writer for the purpose of writing, editing, and assembling documents related to all product suites as maintained by Global Technical Support while also providing the highest level of technical support to our North American customer base. This position is expected to cover 80% technical writing and 20% technical support, unless otherwise requested due to lower staffing or peak call volume times as needed.

The Technical Support Writer works with direction and supervision from the North America Technical Support Director, but is expected to work with a high level of independence.

Principal Responsibilities (The following is intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed. It is not an exhaustive list of all expectations.):

The Technical Support Writer provides product documentation for external customers and internal employees. This position requires the writer to develop, maintain, and review technical support documents through:
• Reviewing functional product specifications and requirements.
• Interviewing developers, software quality engineers, and technical support engineers.
• Attending product training classes.
• Participation in technical documentation reviews.
• Analyzing and replicating problems, in-depth troubleshooting, and providing timely and accurate resolutions to customers in a Technical Support role.

The Technical Support Writer will then effectively organize the information to:
• Produce deliverables that include written process documentation, online technical information, and support resolutions.
• Edit and maintain existing documentation.
• Maintain compliance with company policies and procedures.
• Elicit responses and feedback from reviewers and peers for documentation and makes revisions accordingly.
• Anticipate the documentation requirements for new software cycles.
• Perform regular maintenance activities to ensure content is current and accurate.

The duties of the position also include providing support to users and managers on development application issues including diagnosing software, hardware, networking or user related problems. In addition to creation of technical documentation, the candidate must be able to work closely with peers and Product Development on all aspects of technical support.

Knowledge and Skills (The following minimum requirements are normal guidelines and should not constrain the advancement of otherwise qualified personnel):

The successful candidate must have a background in troubleshooting and maintenance of various Windows and UNIX platforms in a client-server environment. The candidate shall also have a conceptual understanding of the development lifecycle along with an understanding of programming. 1-2 years software technical support required (telephone or direct customer interaction) as well as a demonstrated ability to understand and practice clear and concise fundamental technical communication. Proven ability to analyze, solve and communicate the resolution for complex problems to the end customer.

• Understand and document moderate to complex technical information.
• Demonstrate strong written communication skills (clean, concise, and accurate text containing few grammatical errors)
• Balance two critical aspects of developing user information: thorough product understanding and technical expertise versus audience information needs.
• Able to focus content to the appropriate audience
• Internet skills, utilization of search engines
• Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Adobe Acrobat
• Intermediate Software and Network troubleshooting skills

Platforms Required:
Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP
Solaris 8,9
RedHat Linux 9.0, ES 3.0

Desired Experience:
1-2 years software technical support
1-2 years software documentation
Knowledge of Oracle.
Knowledge of Informix.
Knowledge of Web Sphere.
Knowledge of development IDE’s
Knowledge of PERL and Javascript
Knowledge of HTML and XML coding

So we’ll see how it changes between now and mid-October. Either way, I am sure I will be happy with the new position.