Jean update part 2

Just returned from a long day at the hospital. Jean underwent an ERCP procedure to remove a gall stone causing some blockage, which in turn was causing the jaundice (essentially poisoning her system with backed-up bile if I understand it correctly.

Unfortunately, her body doesn’t seem to like general anesthesia, which has caused her a good deal of nausea and vomiting once she was in recovery. When I left she was sleeping, though waking every now and again with nausea. Still not a happy camper.

But they did get the stone removed. So that’s good.

Tomorrow is more follow up lab tests and a surgical consult to make the determination of whether or not to remove the gall bladder. We are both a bit irritated that it wasn’t just removed today, but I am sure there are good reasons for that. Depending on how the consult goes, and how the tests come back, she may either be released tomorrow and schedule out-patient surgery, released tomorrow with no surgery, or have her gall bladder removed while still admitted to the hospital.

Right now, we just don’t know what is happening from here on out.

So I am home, trying to catch up on rest. I’ll be returning to the hospital tomorrow morning around 8am to keep Jean company, be there for the surgical consultation, and hopefully be useful in some respect. As it stood tonight, I really couldn’t do anything more than sit and watch her sleep, so I came home to make sure the cats were doing ok and catch up on sleep and other minor house-ly duties.

I will most likely be away from e-mail and web tomorrow, much like today, though I have my cell with me at all times. As for visitations, it is probably best to call ahead at either my cell or her room (949-364-1400 x 5366 ) to see if it is a good time. Since we don’t really know what the whole plan is for tomorrow, calling ahead is best to make sure she is available and up to visitors. Otherwise, I know she would love the company and attention!

Lastly… Thank you all for your kind words, concern and support! Without friends like you all, Jean and I would be in a much worse place emotionally. I appreciate all you have said and done for us, and I know Jean appreciates it even more. Thanks!