I’ve been busy working…. but figured I should at least post my weekend recap.

Ok, so we didn’t go see THREE movies this weekend as we had thought we would, but we did go to TWO.

As Jean noted in her journal, we went out to see “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” on Thursday night. I had missed it in the theaters when it was out originally, and felt the need to finally see it on the big screen. Luckily our local neighborhood theater is running Thursday night Flash backs, so I was able to make this desire a reality. Jean’s recap of the night is pretty much spot on, so I’ll leave it at this: I was aching for some sort of mind/consciousness altering substance both during and after the movie let out.

Friday night we were intending to go see “Tristan and Isolde” with Colleen, but ended up on the couch watching TV after dinner and tiring out before the 10:20pm showtime. We are just too old for that. Not to mention I had to be up early on Saturday to go to the LA Auto show with John.

The auto show was fun, but fairly disappointing in terms of the new 2007 model lines for nearly all the manufacturers. I got a few good pictures of some of the more interesting concept vehicles and high-end sports cars on display, but found that most of the show wasn’t worthy of my time or digital picture storage space. If I remember, I’ll post a few pics of the stuff that really stood out, but will probably only post if people are truly interested to see. For the most part, the stuff I took pics of can be found online if you search for LA Auto show pics.

After the auto show, we headed back to John and Mary’s for a relaxing evening in. We corked 3 bottles of wine, had Pad Thai, and watched CRAPPY horror movies. All in all, a fun evening.

Sunday kij66/Karen came down to visit and catch a movie. It was great to be able to just sit around and catch up on life. After lunch at Opah, we came back to the house and watched the BlueMan groups “Complex Rock Tour Live” DVD, then headed out to see “Walk the Line”. Let me tell you (though I am sure you have heard it already), if you haven’t yet seen this move, RUN don’t walk to the nearest theater in which it is playing and watch it. The actor/actress performances are outstanding and the music is, of course, Legendary!

It seems that everyday, I become more and more of a Johnny Cash fan. The man wasn’t a saint by any stretch, but damn if he didn’t tell it like it was. For all his faults, his music and his attitude helped more people than I think he ever realized. I have to say, both Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon paid a heartfelt and honourable tribute to the legend that is Johnny Cash and the love that he and June Carter Cash shared…. The world is indeed worse off without them.

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