It looks as though I am coming upon some long nights soon.

The good news is my previous company has contracted me to update and create the help files, coach, and FAQs for their upcoming v7 release. This is quite exciting for me as it is my chance to really, truly, do some serious technical writing. The only problem: the release is scheduled for April 8th. Yep, 2 weeks out. Ugh.

So I have a bit of work in my near future. I have estimated only about 20 hours of real work, but I need to get set up and see exactly what needs to be updated and/or created from scratch. This means I’ll be stopping by the office after work today to grab all the files I’ll need and make sure I have remote access to everything else.

After stopping by the office, I am up to Huntington Beach to check out Terri start her new back piece and chat with Wendy, the artist, to make sure about the scheduling for Saturday. It occurred to me that she has an art show Saturday night and may not have remembered it when she scheduled me in to finish off my leg piece. I may need to go in earlier if she is working early.

We’ll see.