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I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Yes, I voted too, like everyone else posting on LJ today. But I voted libertarian. Call it throwing away my vote, call it idealism run rampant. All I know is that I am not to blame for Bush or Kerry’s victories or defeats. I voted, for the first time, by what my conscience dictated. And surprisingly, it felt good.

Yes, I am still appalled at the way things turned out.

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  1. In response to the “Dear America” post and the comments which followed….

    So let me get this straight….

    Because I voted for the guy who won I’m stupid?

    I didn’t vote for the loser so I’m wrong?

    It’s necessary to apologize on behalf of the over 50 million people who did NOT vote for the loser?

    Disagree with the other side all you want, but accept that for what it is….a difference of opinion. It doesn’t make either side wrong or stupid. No one has the right to apologize for the way someone else voted – that is the most insulting and pompous thing I’ve ever heard. What if it was religion instead of political offiliation we were talking about. Would these people still consider the belief of over 51% of the people be stupid and wrong because that belief is different from theirs? Would someone who worshipped differently think for one moment that it was thier place to apologize to God on our behalf?

    The only thing that IS wrong and stupid, and which should be apologized for is the name calling, whining, insults, threats, and temper tantrums being thrown by people who didn’t get their way….regardless of their political party. Whether you’re happy with the results or not, at the very least you need to show respect for those who, like you, cared enough to go out and vote, and whose opinion is every single bit as valid as yours, as right as yours, and as wrong as yours.

    1. Re: In response to the “Dear America” post and the comments which followed….

      I think you mis-understood the referenced post’s intent:
      That like everyone else, she has an opinion. And that opinion is that re-electing Bush jr. was a mistake.

      I have not, and will not be reading the long thread of comments in her post, because for the most part, they just don’t matter to me. What does matter is the sentiment in her original post.

      Pulling a religious analogy into this argument is mis-direction at best and completely irrelevant at worst. This is about an election of politicians to do a secular job, not about religious zealotry and blind faith…. Oh wait, I may see your point there…

      Throw whatever “what-ifs” you will, the fact of the matter is, she’s a comedic writer in England who has a different take on our politics. I applaud her for the well-deserved reprimand that she has dispensed to The United States. We deserve it completely. We collectively and obviously don’t know what we want or need in a leader for our country, and for that we deserve to be treated like the young country we are, by the parent country that we freed ourselves from.

      It is Mom telling us we made a mistake and we need a time out to think about it so we don’t do it again.

      Like I said, I applaud Mrs. Demon for her candid and biting remarks.

  2. I’m sorry but I have to disagree. I did not misunderstand her intent, she made herself perfectly clear. She may believe that re-electing Bush was a mistake, but putting that opinion into such condescending terms is insulting, especially now that I know she’s not even a voting American. England is not our parent and we are not the naughty children who need their wisdom and guidance. We seperated ourselves from them for a reason. “We” did not make a mistake just because SHE doesn’t happen to agree with our decision. It’s easy to find fault when you’re observing from the outside. The original post was insulting to a degree, but I was mainly referring to the first few posts that followed (which were from Americans) If you read the first 4-5 you’ll see what I mean. I’m neither stupid nor sorry to be an American.

    It’s not other people’s opinions about Bush that bother me – they have a right to dislike him as much as I dislike Kerry. The problem is the reference to Americans as stupid or wrong. The problem is with another American apologizing to a foreigner for the decision we made. Right, Wrong, or indifferent it was OUR decision to make, and we will not know if that decision was right, wrong, or indifferent for some time to come.

    1. please disagree! I enjoy the banter!

      Ok… I can see where you’re coming from.

      realize that there is another 50% of Americans that believe re-electing Bush jr. was a mistake. (that would be everyone who voted for candidates other than Bush.)

      I’m one of them. And I do believe you are wrong for voting in favour of Bush. Just like I believe that anyone who voted for Kerry is also wrong. Doesn’t make you less of a person for it at all. Hell, I know a huge number of people that would scream at me for voting the way I did. They believe I am wrong, and that’s fine, I might be. On some things I probably am.

      But back to the point here:
      I referenced ScarletDemon’s post because as a humourist, I found her condescending take on the election quite amusing. We made a mistake and that’s fine. Mom gave us a scolding. Do you really think it means anything other than a British humourist’s biting remark against a narrow margin victory?

      It could even be said that anyone who voted for Kerry made a mistake by not giving Bush jr. a larger margin of victory. When it all comes down to it, however, I really don’t care either way. I still think that 90% of all Americans are indeed stupid and wrong; whether it is because of how they voted or that they just don’t know how to dress themselves, or how to act in public. But I don’t discriminate and stop at our borders… I believe that 90% of all humanity falls into the same category.

      Call me elitist, call me egotistical, tell me I have a superiority complex, I’ll agree with that all. Because when it alll boils down, it is just my opinion and it doesn’t make a lick of difference in how this world is run or whether I have food on my table or not. Someday, I may change my tune. I may not. Either way, Scarlet’s opinion and by default, my own opinion are only words; words anyone can choose to ignore, disagree with or agree with at their own will. In the grand scheme, they won’t change a thing.

      1. Okay…you’re an egotistical elitist witha superiority complex.

        My point is that 59 million people who voted a certain way are not stupid because of the way they voted. The rest of the world can disagree all they want, they don’t have to like it, but they can do so without being so arrogant and insulting. It’s not the difference of opinion/belief I object to, it’s the “anyone who doesn’t agree with me is a moron on whose behalf I need to apologize to the rest of the world” attitude I don’t like.

        Yes, they are just words But I don’t agree that they won’t change a thing. Words that attack people at their core can change EVERYTHING. Will that one person’s arrogant and insulting comment change the world…no. But when enough people jump on that bandwagon the animosity grows and grows and we end up with a situation even worse than it already is, where the two sides hate and mistrust each other on every level and become less and less willing to hear the other side’s arguments while they cling more and more tightly and blindly to their own side. And I think the comparison to religious beliefs is extemely fair.

        What I would say to those people who call 59 million of us dumb (as the front page of an English newspaper did) or stupid or who scold us like misbehaving, uninformed children is this:

        If you don’t agree with me give me your arguments. Explain your position. CONVINCE ME the way your candidate was unable to. Perhaps I’ll see your point and change my mind. Even if I never come around to your way of thinking, you will, at the very least give me something to think about. I respect that. When you call me stupid or insult me you’ve automatically lost your case – there is nothing more you have to say that I care to hear. How can I ever consider someone who tells me I’m stupid to be right?

        1. Re: Okay…you’re an egotistical elitist with a superiority complex.

          She never called you stupid. Insulting maybe, but not stupid. I am not going to argue that point with you because, quite honestly, I still haven’t read the replies to her original post and still don’t plan to.

          Scarlet Demon is a humourist. A Comedienne. Insults are a tool of the trade employed to get a point across. Be insulted. PLEASE. You should be. And that is exactly why I liked and agreed with her post. I laughed out loud when I read it first and still chuckle now.

          Jay Leno could have said the same thing on the air with a much larger audience and I can guarantee that he would have garnered a roaring amount of applause for it.

          1. Re: Okay…you’re an egotistical elitist with a superiority complex.

            No..SHE didn’t refer to anyone as stupid, that part was in some of the posts that followed.

            If she’s a comedienne, I fail to see the humor. Not amusing, just rude and arrogant.

            Jay Leno is a tree-hugging, commie bastard. Who cares what he thinks? (relax, I’m kidding!).

            I’m not offended because the way I personally voted is what is being attacked. I’d feel the same way if it were Conservatives being so disrespectful to Liberals.

            1. Re: Okay…you’re an egotistical elitist with a superiority complex.

              If she’s a comedienne, I fail to see the humor. Not amusing, just rude and arrogant.

              Hmm – I think that’s a bit harsh. I’ve seen much more scathing humor coming from the Daily Show and other areas. I suppose you don’t see the humor there, either?

              I think you’ve lost your sense of humor when it comes to this election, period.

            2. Re: Okay…you’re an egotistical elitist with a superiority complex.

              I don’t know about anyone else’s scathing humor because I haven’t seen anything else since the election. I haven’t lost my sense of humor at all and I feel bad if it appears that I have. I’m generally rather easily amused, but I just don’t find her attitude to be humorous. She can mock our leaders all she wants to, make fun of them on a daily basis, nit-pick until they cry like little girls….I have no problem with that and would probably find it hilarious, but the condescending words cross the line with me.

      2. People aren’t stupid based on their politics, but when it comes to how they dress themselves… NOT get me started! When will people learn that a bad fashion choice goes beyond mere politics or religion?! Ponchos, ultra low cut jeans, and ugly shoes hurt everyone!

        (although suede boots with buttons and ruffles only offend some and those people should be ignored anyway)

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