I’m back, kind of.

We flew back in to O.C. airport at around 1pm yesterday. Home by 2 or 2.30 (I’m not sure), then on the couch for the rest of the day napping on and off.

I’ll bore you with all the gory details of the weekend later, once my mind and body have both had a chance to catch up. Suffice to say that Fergus, Raz, and I all crammed 2 weeks worth of stuff into two days:
1. the Whiskies were OUTSTANDING
2. theJamez IS as funny and witty in person as on LJ.
3. Hairpinturn is just like her LJ entries, with a bit more tourette’s.
4. hanging out with theJamez, hairpinturn, pantalons, and Evan, as well as Fergus and Raz, felt like we had all been friends forever.
5. San Francisco feels like home.
6. Gay waiters appear to love me.
7. the relative value of all the whiskies we consumed paid for the event tickets, hotel, and flight up.
8. Bartenders really love Fergus. So much so that we got 3 shots on the house. (the longer story is MUCH more impressive, so I’ll regale you with that later…)
9. the Whiskies were OUTSTANDING

More to come later I promise. Pictures may even come tonight. Work, however, is seemingly a priority today. Damn.

4 thoughts on “I’m back, kind of.

    1. Well, for this weekend at least… I am slowly working on a loooooooooooooooooong weekend recap which will flush out much to all of the above. So for now, yes, just the one waiter.

  1. 5. San Francisco feels like home.

    Amen to that! I love that city! Just too damn expensive! The wife and I always talk about returning… someday…

    6. Gay waiters appear to love me.

    It’s your inner Bear. LOL! I once had one say to me in SF “Once you have Steve, you never leave.” I still get the oogies when I think about that.

    More to come later I promise.

    That seems more like a threat to me…. not a promise.


    Glad you had Fun… shoulda tolds me you were headed that way, I coulda told Bonnie!

    1. It seems that housing prices in SF are now at about equal to the OC. I was surprised by that, I too thought SF was pricier. Of corse the cost of living is still higher…

      As for the waiter, it may well have been. Honestly, I was flatterred at the attention, and he wasn’t at all creepy like your guy. Even Fergus and Raz liked him. He “got” our sense of humour after the whiskey tasting, which is to say he jumped right in with picking on me.

      From what I have written down thus far, you are right, the more to come line is indeed a threat. I may have to put it all behind a cut in multiple posts broken by minor topics than to try and get it all in a single posting…

      Lastly, I thought I did let you know I was going up… ah well, it wouldn’t have made a difference either way as our time up there was very short and packed solid. We were only in the city a half day on friday all saturday, then checked out early sunday. Not a lot of time at all.

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