I spoke too soon

After my posting yesterday, I received 5 writing pieces to complete by end of business Tuesday. Of course, the user guide review was one of the last items I received, and it is due by end of business today. When I say one of the last things I received, I mean I got it at 2pm yesterday (remember, my day is over at 3pm). So yes, I have a day to review all the changes to the user guide. Good times.

On the plus side, I am writing some articles for our newsletter which should correspond nicely with the launch of our v7 product. In addition to that, I am also drafting up a product “sunset” policy and notice page/email blast/patch verbiage so our customers understand NOT to call me for help with v5 after January. I will be very happy once I can drop v5 and focus only on 6 and 7.

The downside is, of course, I need to get all this done by end of Tuesday while still providing support for any customer questions…. I hope it is slow today. Otherwise it just isn’t getting done in time. Period. And the thought of that makes me feel icky.

So enough delaying, back to the docs it is…