I love my Bike… its the r/r I can’t stand!

Yes, as siobhan_genie noted, I am sans motorcycle yet again.

Friday as I was leaving work, my bike stalled out. Luckily I was in second gear and already moving at a good clip so I was able to pop the clutch and get the bike going again. I maintained a high rev-rate the rest of the way home. When I got home Friday night, I shut off the bike and then immediately attempted to start it. No joy. It wouldn’t even turn over.

This is about the point when I got pissed. You see, I had been working every night for the past 2 weeks to get a contract job completed for the Friday night release. Once completed, it meant I would have the entire weekend to myself to do whatever I wanted, so I decided I would finally go ride out to Temecula and ride some of the back roads through the vineyards down there. Yeah, well, too bad for me. Instead I spent Saturday morning trying to get my bike to the shop for more diagnosis and hopefully resolution.

Of course that would just be too easy. No, my bike decided it wanted to make things hard on me again. So in addition to having to jump start it in the morning, I also had to re-jump start it halfway to the shop. Mind you the shop is a WHOPPING 12 miles away. That’s right, my bike decided to stall out at a red light; with traffic behind me. Luckily I had Jean follow me so I was able to jump it again right away.

The last 6 miles were spent increasing the choke to retain a high RPM when stopped and dreading each light I came to.

At the shop, the first question was why my r/r hadn’t been replaced during its previous visit. At this point I could only laugh and ask the same question. I think it was because the dealership was working on the lowest-cost solution as they were covering the repairs. This time around, I made sure to give them my extended warranty contract number to be sure that the correct solution was provided rather than just the cheapest. This way they can bill the warranty for the r/r part rather than just clean the connections.

Of course, this now means I am without my bike yet again on some of the most gorgeous riding days of the year! All I can hope for is to have it back by this weekend so I can finally make that touring trip out to the vineyards before it gets too hot. Once I do, I am hoping to get some nice pictures as well.

Here’s to hoping for a call in the next day to tell me the bike is ready.