I knew it going in…

After 5 hours of work, I have produced 1 email every 3.65 minutes. Yes, this translates to roughly 82 emails since 5.30am this morning.

The worst part is that I knew on Saturday that my Monday would be hellish. At 10am Saturday morning, I saw my technical support e-mail queue fill up to a volume typically seen only when the service is down. Well guess what…. The service was down and unavailable since some point Saturday morning. So when I came into work this morning, I had the fun task of replying to everyone, apologizing for the outage, and assuring them it would be fixed soon.

It is days like this which lead me to drink…

Luckily, the service was back up by 6.30am which caused the e-mails and phone calls to slow back down to a manageable level.

But enough about work stuff. You know it is bad when it even bores ME….
This weekend was spent in the garage for the most part. Hammering and sawing and drilling and staining. I had forgotten how much I love the smell of freshly cut pine boards. Raz was over on Saturday afternoon and helped me immensely. By the end of the day we had the box and lid for the coffin all but complete. The major construction had been accomplished at the least.

Then it was off to Tom and Terri’s for a spot of dinner and wine and a chance to just sit and talk. But more importantly: Relax!

Sunday, I was back in the garage working on some of the finishing details like puttying screw holes, sanding, and sealing. Next to do is hardware mounting and the final finishing touches. I am hoping to rout out a gorgeous Celtic cross in the lid, but am not convinced I have the tools, time, patience, or skill required to do it properly.

Pictures will be up as soon as the hardware is mounted. I am actually quite proud of it, being my first hand built coffin and such. I think Raz and I did a damned good job for building it without any plans. (We planned it out in our heads while at Lowe’s buying the wood.)

The 3DC camp is going to be quite macabre this war. Not only will there be a 4 foot tall coffin to hold the booze, but we have black lace to adorn the tasting tent and other various bits of wake related paraphernalia to really get the camp looking good and funeral like!

Dare I say I am almost getting excited for this?

The rest of this week is going to be spent finishing the coffin and sanding and staining the bed (finally). Next weekend is the real, hardcore war prep where we find out exactly how unprepared we really are.