I have been away, but am now returned…

I apologize, ‘o’ loyal readership, for being so remiss in my updates of late. Work, as you can well imagine has been hectic at best, and the past week saddled me with a head cold to mire me down in the muck of my sinuses.

But, I say, be forlorn no more! I have returned with great and expectant news!

Yes, my dear friends, I can now unveil my latest project du-jour:

The 3 Drunken Celts Whiskey Tasting Notebook!

A sample page is found here on the 3DrunkenCelts.com website.

This note book will guide you through entering information about each dram you sample so you can remember why you liked one whiskey, and didn’t like another whisky when you’re at the store or chatting with your mates. It is perfectly pocket sized to carry with you at any tasting event for convenient and easy access. The forms are easy to fill in and the rating scales make sense! No more esoteric “98” points styled ratings which mean nothing to any other reader! Now you can enter in notes that are objective and clear and make sense to YOU!

Yes, we have made some outrageous claims on our website… this offering, however, is the first in a long line of moves by the 3DC to start changing the world of whiskies to what we think it should be! The rating systems in this notebook are NOT the industry standard; they are less convoluted, more simple, and most of all, they make sense to US!

So take a gander. If you’re a whiskey fan, or a whisky fan, or a scotch fan, and have ever forgotten what a particular dram tasted like, this notebook is for YOU! You can thank us later…

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