I Feel like a teenager today…

‘Cause tonight Jean and I are going out to a club to see one of our favourite, little heard of, bands play! This means we’ll be staying up past our bedtime, and playing hookey tomorrow from work.

Yes, tonight is the Birthday Massacre show which we have been looking forward to since January when we found out they were coming to our neck of the woods. You see, they are a small indie label band out of Toronto, so they don’t often get to the left coast to play shows, which makes this one very special for us being the first time we will have seen them live.

So tonight, after work, we’ll rush home, eat, dress in our goth finest and make our way to Anaheim for the show. Then tomorrow, while waiting on the electrician in the morning, we will nurse our post-show hangovers on the comfort of our couch at home, rather than in our desk chairs at the office.

Good times!

4 thoughts on “I Feel like a teenager today…

    1. Since you asked 🙂

      Hear about it you shall! Though it isn’t enough to warrant a full entry, I’ll add to this comment as it is the best place to do so 🙂

      We arrived at the club (Chain Reaction in Anaheim) at around 7:20pm. While not in the mood to listen to 4 opening bands, Jean and I decided to walk around a bit, then relax in the car for a while (it was a very long day at work for the both of us). At around 9:15 we moseyed into the club, which is an all-ages venue and has a strict “No Re-Entrance” policy, so once you’re in, you’re in to stay.

      We caught the last opener’s set, a band called the Mighty Six Ninety. They were pretty damn tight, with a sound akin to Modern English, OMD, and The Church.

      A bit more waiting (and sweating since this venue is small and has no A/C!) and The Birthday Massacre finally took the stage. Sadly, for the band, the place was only about at half capacity. Of course this was good for Jean and I as we were able to get close without feeling confined.

      Their set was exactly what I expected from listening to their two albums. They played all our favourites, since it seems that their set doesn’t stray much from what is on their albums. Chibi, the lead singer, rocked the small stage along with the rest of the band as best they could. The show did indeed have a good hard life too it. The entire band seemed to play this small, crappy, little hole in the wall with as much energy as they’d put into any other show.

      All in all, I was VERY pleased with the show. Even the venue couldn’t detract from that. I would have no qualms in recommending that anyone who enjoys their style of music MUST see them if/when they come to town.

      The one downside for people like Jean and I si the fact that we were nearly the oldest people in the place. Granted it was an all ages show, but I expected more people our age. In total, I think I could count them all on two hands, including the people that worked at the club.

      I was also a bit disappointed in the lack of goths and the overabundance of emo kids at the show. As my loving wife so eloquently stated: Emo is like Goth Slackers… as if they were saying “but goth is soooooo tough to pull off! I have so many better things to do with my time… like cut myself…”
      And I’d have to agree. Emo is -not- the modern day equivalent of Goth. Emo kids just don’t have the drive to pull themselves together enough to dress themselves right.

      The Birthday Massacre, of course, looked great and commanded the stage with their presence and performance. They LOOKED fabulous and played even better!

      1. Re: Since you asked 🙂

        Emo is like Goth Slackers… as if they were saying “but goth is soooooo tough to pull off! I have so many better things to do with my time… like cut myself…”

        That cracks me up! Glad it was a good show. As far as the age thing, I’ve pretty much gotten used to being one of the elders when I go out. But I’m not ready for the early bird special yet!

        Not that they would come anywhere near me, but I would certainly attend their show if they did!

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