I don’t normally do this…

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I know he probably won’t post often, but I need to pimp out my good friend Raz’ live journal. For those who don’t know, Raz is -the- founding member of the 3 Drunken Celts.

If anything, just swing by to say hi so he knows you’re there. And maybe, just maybe, knowing people are reading will inspire him to post more…


So go to it.

4 Responses to “I don’t normally do this…”

  1. Awe… Shucks…

    You needn’t have done that. I don’t mind people reading in, but that’s not what I’m doing here. I don’t ever expect to write a particularly entertaining posting and so don’t really want to burden anyone with the reading of my drivel. Thanks for the support though. -Raz

  2. Re: Awe… Shucks…

    I’ll read your drivel any day! Woot! Wisconsin’s all boring and crap and anything’s better than counting cows. 😛

  3. Jeff was at the house a couple of weeks ago and we had a running of the rats. We plan to do this some time in the future so maybe you 2 could come for the event.

  4. I heard! And I was bummed I missed it 🙁 Perhaps next time it will coincide with a trip down south.

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