I am so not looking forward to the next week…

I fly out tomorrow to go to Denver until next Thursday night for a user group conference. While I normally enjoy business trips, this one has essentially been scheduled for me (nearly every minute of it) so I can kiss my VP’s butt and hopefully make him feel like letting me work form home when we move to Portland is a great (and his) idea.

The not-so-enjoyable part is that all my meals are being provided for me at the hotel, which means the best part of traveling for me has just been forcibly taken away. No exploring and finding new and interesting restaurants. For shame. No rental car, and meetings scheduled beginning Saturday when I land through Thursday before I fly back home. Ugh.

Luckily, I have the support laptop which is set up with wireless access, so I can at least waste away the days on the internet while I pretend to work.

Nothing else is really new, although I did just get two new monitors (the black flat panels in the middle pic) at werk. Now I am totally w1ck3d c00l like the matrix.

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