Holy crap we may just become legit after all!

So it appears that Raz, Fergus and I (Seamus) will be attending the 2006 Whiskies of the World Expo in San Francisco on March 24th and 25th. http://www.celticmalts.com/expo2006SF-home.htm
This is HUGE news people. This will be the 3DC’s first foray into the world of proper whiskey/whisky/Scotch tastings. I am so unbelievably excited about this because I didn’t think I’d be able to swing the cost and time off, but luckily everything fell just right allowing for me to go!

thejamez, I am looking your way… I can’t think of a better place to meet up than at this particular Expo!

In other news, I get to pick Lenore up in about 30minutes from the audio installer’s shop. Yeup, girl’s got new tunes and apparently some booty-shakin bass too! I can’t wait to hear her!

4 thoughts on “Holy crap we may just become legit after all!

  1. Damn Straight

    Does coming to San Francisco to indulge in a firestorm of whiskey tastings make one legit?

    It just might.

    Yes, I’m going to try to get a friend of mine to come to at least one of the days. Which would you recommend? I was initially thinking Friday night because it seems like a great way to start the weekend and if I’m swept away by the whole thing, I’d just pay the extra to go on Saturday as well.

    I’m psyched! At the very least we’ll finally meet and have dinner somewhere, for sure.

    As for leaving comments to my own journal that don’t reply to your posts, my damn computer does that. I don’t. I’ve tried all sorts of stuff to not let it happen, but somehow it always does. It’s even more frustrating for me, I assure you.

    1. Re: Damn Straight

      It makes us more legit in that this will be the first PROPER tasting we have attended. The tastings we throw are more booze-ins than anything. Besides this one has master distillers, master blenders, and even published critics to talk with! We’ve never had that! 😉

      As for which day….Well…. Friday from 1pm to 5pm are the seminars and seated tastings. The lsit of speakers and times are here: http://www.celticmalts.com/expo2006SF-speakers.htm
      Saturday is the main tasting event on the cruise ship which would provide a much wider selection. If you HAD to choose only one day, I’d say go for Saturday, you’ll get more bang for the buck so to speak. But don’t take my word for it, call Riannon and ask her. She IS the one who is setting it up and would be the best to advise you 🙂 http://www.celticmalts.com/expo2006SF-contactus.htm

      As for the comments issue, no worries. I didn’t mean to come off harsh, I was just bummed I had missed them up till now. Apaprently I have beem pmsing lately too, so I was probably more snippy than I meant.

  2. Re: Damn Straight

    hehe, I didn’t mind the comment at all about the strange comment posting phenom. I’m frustrated with my computer. I just read the comment and perhaps it sounded weird. I didn’t mean it that way, but I figure you got that already.

    But seriously. I’m about to post this using the email reply and I’m willing to bet instead of attaching to thread, it’ll be sent to Alpha Centauri or something.

    I hope it likes it there…

    1. Re: Damn Straight

      Well, it worked kindof. Still went to the top level again, but at least it isn’t out in Alpha Centauri like you feared…

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