Help me choose my name…

As siobhan_genie noted, her name passed the Kingdom heraldry meeting with one minor change, whilst my name and device were both found to be in conflict with others… as such, I need to add a descriptor to my name.

For the border regions, I have found the descriptor is typically betwixt the first and surnames: Such as, “Seamus, of the Isles, O’Domhnaill” but would be spoken “Seamus of the Isles” with very few if ever written references to the last name.

I kinda like “Seamus of Devils Beef Tub” which references a particular location on the borders and just makes me laugh every time I hear it. And it IS all about the funny…

“Seamus, of Erin” would be good and explain the Irish spelling of the last name whilst being in Scotland proper, much like the “of the Isles” above, but seems to lack any character or soul to the name. It just feels dry and boring.

So I charge you all, if you wish, to help me decide on a good descriptor to add to my name in order to allow it to pass the Kingdom Heralds. To help you, if needed, you can also search the Online Armorial to find any possible conflicts:

Remember, I am trying to pull off a 16th century (Dec. 31st, 1599) impression of an English/Scottish Border Reiver. Names such as “Big Dickie Kingswood of Longtown” are not only fun, but documentable as well. The borderers loved their descriptors, and likewise, so should I.

Show me whatcha got….

10 thoughts on “Help me choose my name…

    1. I tend to agree. And luckily it is only for my name submission, so it is really just on paper 🙂

      I am REALLY starting to lean towards the tub…

    1. I’m sticking with the Irish origin… though I will need a bit of a story to get Seamus over to the Borders, whihc kinda bugs me. Problem is that I am attached to and widely known as Seamus, it would be too difficult to change for common usage.

  1. From Raz….

    Well I was going to post this to yer live journal but it would appear that I’ve forgotten my password and they sent it to my yahoo account that I can’t get to from work so you’ll have to take it here…

    How’s this for a partial back story to justify the name being a geographical feature rather than a place to live in and you being Irish?

    You, fresh off a boat from Erin (Perhaps you nicked something from someone on the docks and ended up hiding on a ship bound for Scotland, stowed away), in say the 1590s, as a lad (of 10-13) ended up in Moffat working or indentured to pay your passage as a farm hand for the Johnstones of Annondale. You, not yet being known in the area, and after a particularly dicey raid into England, were selected by Sir James Johnstone of Dunskellie, Chief of the Johnstones, to watch over the “new” cattle down in the Devils Beef Tub as you would not be missed when the hot trod came a calling. You did such a good job looking after the “stirks” (border speak for “cattle”) it became a regular job for you until you were old enough to ride out on the raids yourself. Of course in the 3 to 5 years till that time the name stuck.

    Note: Sir James Johnstone of Dunskellie is documentable until it is recorded that he was killed by the Lord Maxwell in 1608 in retribution for killing the Senior Lord Maxwell in 1593. By the way, Scott writes of a guy in this area at this time named “Devil’s Dick”. Got to love that one.


    1. Re: From Raz….

      And now _I_ even have more of a story written down than whats_his_face from the Crimson Spade!

      I think I’ll have to sit down and really refine this one. It works too well!

      1. *laughs outloud* I may just have to forward this comment =to= “whats_his_face from the Crimson Spade” … Oh that was funny dear!
        –Eilidh, we met at GWW 🙂

        1. We met at GWW eh? Forgive me, but I am failing to recollect… mind jogging the ol’ memory for me? We didn’t happen to meet Saturday afternoon in the shower lines did we? Cause if thats the case I fear I’ll NEVER remember!

          And please feel free to forward this over to “whats_his_face from the Crimson Spade” (I really AM bad with names!)… I am sure he’ll understand the love in the sentiment 🙂

          1. Eilidh rhymes with “daily” and I’m also known as “Oh! Coffee Bar!” … I was forever traipsing through 3DC to visit the Crimson Spade, deliver coffee, coax people over to my coffee bar, visit with White Star, etc.

            As for “whats_his_face” that’s Raphael, and we tease him mercilessly about not having his back-story up on the Crimson Spade site.

            I’ll be serving Coffee Bar of Splendoor at Black Rose Ball this weekend in Lyondemere, if you’d like to visit. *grin*

            1. OH! That’s YOU!!!!! Well, there it is. Now I remember 🙂

              And my commnet regarding Raphael “whats_his_face from the Crimson Spade” (cause I’ll never remember. Raz has told me a few time…) was made specifically because you all tease him mercilessly. I figured I just HAD to get in on the fun!

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