Hello, I’m Jason, I’m a nerd.

I am just enough of a geek to have been really bummed when I realized that my new iPhone didn’t allow for much user level customization. The look and feel was pretty static.

Coming from a WinMobile 5 device, I was surprised when I found myself missing some of the features I had come to rely on. The “Today” main screen was the one item I really missed most, but I also missed not being able to install themes to really make the look and feel of my iPhone, well, MINE.

A bit of surfing, and I found that some great people out there have been hacking away and building themes and apps for the iPhone, outside of Apple’s ‘blessing’.

Of course, the only way to GET these apps and themes, and to give myself filesystem access to my new device, is to “Jailbreak” my iPhone. A bit of warning here though… some people have bricked their iphone something fierce when attempting (and screwing up) the jailbreak process.

I took some time over lunch yesterday and revisited a few pages I have saved, so I could ensure that I had the process down and understood. A few minutes later I had a successfully jailbroken iPhone. W00T!

A few minutes after that, I had some native apps installed, new themes, and most importantly, a new skin fro the dialer app. Yes, I am that much of a nerd that I went through the whole process of jailbreaking my iPhone just to get the “Retro Dialer v2.5” skin installed. But check it out; this is one WICKED cool skin:

I also found a theme that is both different from the stock UI and still usable while looking good:

And of course, I installed a native app to turn my lock screen into my sorely missed “Today” screen with my Calendar, any new emails/sms messages, and the Weather report:

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  1. I hear you

    You know, I have thought about doing this to mine, but as I am going to wait until the 3G phones come out to have my current iPhone mysteriously “crash” so that I can upgrade, I am not going to do this at this time.

    Although, I have read that a system restore will remove the Jailbreak along with all traces. Hmmmmm, must do more research.

    1. Re: I hear you

      yup, a restore will bring you back to factory defaults, so long as you haven’t sorely effed up the bootloader.

      So there IS a bit of a safety net there. I was okay doing mine, since it isn’t ‘mission critical’ for me right now. Of course the moment I travel somewhere, it becomes my lifeline, so I do need to ensure it is stable.

      So far so good. If you can stand to be away from your phone for as much as a day, go for it πŸ™‚

      1. Re: I hear you

        “So far so good. If you can stand to be away from your phone for as much as a day, go for it :)”

        Have you MET my husband?!?!?!?

        1. Re: I hear you

          not recently πŸ˜‰
          My point here, of course, is to make sure you have some downtime before trying the jailbreak in case you DO need to restore.

      2. Re: I hear you

        What program did you use? I have seem multiple ways to do it, and every one touts itself as “the bestest, safest…”.

        1. Re: I hear you

          Ah, yes… I left that out since I figured most people wouldn’t care πŸ™‚

          I used Zibri’s ziphone tool (http://www.ziphone.org/) along with the ibrickr fix installed via the installer.app once jailbroken. I then used iPhone_PC_Suite_Eng_v0.2.1 to access the filesystem to copy my themes to the summerboard directory.

          So far I have found the information on http://www.modmyifone.com/ to be the best source for -me-.

          That said, I am running firmware 1.1.4 on a virtually untouched iPhone (ie. only 2 albums of mp3s, minor email configs. etc.). Depending on your setup and firmware, your mileage may vary πŸ˜‰

  2. In your middle pic, what are these apps: Top row, 2nd in from left, looks like pencil; bottom row, 3rd looks like a split screen with calendar, and 4th looks like black diamond?

    1. Top row, 2nd in from left, looks like pencil:
      This an app called “sketch, which is a simple etch-a-sketch type application.

      bottom row, 3rd looks like a split screen with calendar:
      This is THE killer app call IntelliScreen. This is the settings entry for the “today” style lock screen which you seen in the bottom pic.

      and 4th looks like black diamond:
      This is a simple ‘marble’ game which utilizes the accelerometer in the iPhone to allow you the ability to tilt the phone to affect the marble to get it to sink into the appropriate spot. Fun game. More proof of concept stupp to show off the accelerometer really.

        1. Re: Sweet!

          Uh, no. these are not WebApps… these are Native apps which require a jailbroken iphone with installer.app in order to install.

          So really, along with the dialer skin, the IntelliScreen app was the other driving force which got me to void my warranty. Sorry πŸ™

          1. Re: Sweet!

            Well, hell… figures πŸ™‚ I take it you’ve found nothing remotely close on the “authorized” apps site? Mostly interested in the IntelliScreen. That would be infinitely handy to have, hence your mission. I’ll have to do some surfing around to see what things they have. I can only look at so many hundreds of those things before my head starts to hurt…

            1. Re: Sweet!

              I don’t care for any of the WebApps really. The name says it all… WEBapps implies you need a connection. While I DO have it, I’d prefer not to be tied to web/ edge speeds just to calculate a tip πŸ˜‰

              So, no, I haven’t really found anything on Apple’s site of webapps to be useful at all. With that said, I DO use Twitter.com’s iPhone webapp to post twitters, and BrightKite’s iphone webapp to post pictures and checkins as well, but those are more micro-blogging service specific apps, and don’t show on Apple’s site either.

            2. Re: Sweet!

              Last silly question (for now ;-)… if you don’t use web/edge for these, what do the hacked apps that need web-generated updates (i.e., your Today screen) use?

            3. Re: Sweet!

              Oh, Intelliscreen utilizes web connections, I was more referring to other apps like games etc. that don’t require network access.

              Seems silly to me to connect to the web in order to play solitaire! That is something that can easily reside ON my device and not bother with web connections.

              For apps that need internet information updates like IntelliScreen, obviously I am still tied to the web connections via edge or wi-fi.

  3. Congrats…

    You’ve worked hard at something and managed to make your apple product just like a IBM clone. Now you can actually have control of your devise like an adult should. I’m so proud; our little man is growing up and seeing the light. πŸ˜›
    PS: Just poking the gorilla.

    1. Re: Congrats…

      Bill, is that you?

      Still trying to convince the masses that Microsh!t is the way to go?

      (one of the gorilla’s pokes back, but don’t MAKE me fling poo at you)

      1. Re: Congrats…

        It’s long been my opinion that it’s much more fun to throw stones from your glass house than from your stone one. That and I’ve just got to toss you Mac guys some softballs for comment every once and a while just so I know you can still think for yourselves.

        1. Re: Congrats…

          uh huh. Gee thanks for the easy ones πŸ˜›

          so, how’s that sculpting coming along? πŸ˜‰

    1. Hey there! glad to see you around πŸ™‚
      I added you to my Friends’ list so you have access to some of the locked entries as well.
      I want to catch up on your entries, but I am in the middle of prepping and painting our guest room, so it may be a bit… plus work has got me busier than ever!!!
      So glad to run into you again though! I guess I should dive into the 6 degrees of my Friends’ list a bit more often than I do!

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